View Google Reader in Full screen mode

Now you perform clutter free browsing of RSS feeds online in Google Reader using 'full screen mode'. This allows you to only view actual feed content minus the top and left sidebar. You can easily toggle between normal and full screen view using quick keyboard shortcut key. Also, you can

Mark items ‘unread’ in Google Reader

Sometimes we read title of an item in Google Reader and may want to read that item in full at a later time. In such case (just like in email), we can mark specific item as 'unread' and it will be highlighted for future reading. This is very useful feature to create list of 'unread' items

Remove ‘People you follow’ Google Reader social feature

Google Reader is used by lot of user for quick and easy online browsing of RSS feed content. It has introduced few social feature found under 'People you follow' on the left sidebar. There you can see recommended posts from specific users and comments. Do you want to remove this feature

Google Reader Play bookmarklet & Chrome plugin

Google introduced Google Reader Play feature for visual browsing of RSS feed content. It allows you to view RSS content in the form of big headlines along with image thumbnails of post images. We have already seen procedure to start Google Reader Play from Google Reader window. Here are

Visual RSS feed browsing with Google Reader Play

Google Reader ( is a best online tool for browsing and managing RSS feeds online. It has simple and very easy to use interface. Now you can add little spice to RSS feed viewing routine using Google Reader Play feature. It allows more visual 'image thumbnail' per post

How to show Favicons for RSS feeds in Google Reader

Google Reader is an awesome online service to read RSS feed content. Now you can spice up the RSS feed display by showing favicons for respective subscribed RSS feeds. With Favicon display it is more easy to identify specific RSS feed (specially, if you happen to overaload Google Reader

Google Reader Notifier for unread items notification

If you love browsing websites, blogs via their RSS feeds using Google Reader, then here is notifier application to stay updated all the time. Google Reader Notifier is a free application for Windows users. It display desktop notification pop-up for unread items of your Google Reader

Google Reader App for MAC OSX, Gruml app

Gruml is an app for MAC OSX users to view Google Reader contents. It allows full blown viewing and management of feed subscription of your Google Reader account on MAC OSX. You can read newsfeeds, manage them in folders, tag them – all in sync with your Google Reader account. Preview

Mark as READ, posts older than a day or week in Google Reader

Is huge Unread post items making you uncomfortable? From now on, you can selectively mark items as read based on their recency in Google Reader. Click arrow next to "Mark all as read" button to see more options that help you selectively mark items as read. It has 3 new options

Read comments on your posts all over web in Google Reader

Every blog post get shared and discussed on different social networking community websites like digg, twitter, friendfeed. Ever wanted to know comments on your blog post from all over web? gReader Firefox extension allows you to read comments on your blog post made by users at different

Hide or Remove ‘Like’ & ‘people liked’ in Google Reader

New 'Like' feature is all buzz for Google Reader users. Some users absolutely like this feature and keep hitting like button on posts they appreciate. You can even see list of all posts marked 'like'. However, some users do not like this feature as it clutters reading space by addition of 

How to see items / posts marked ‘Like’ in Google Reader?

Google Reader has gone little social with host of new feature. One new addition, that is talking point and use of many users is 'Like' feature. If you are reading a post in Google Reader and you liked it, just hit the like button to show your appreciation. Other users reading same post