Share Youtube video updates on Twitter & Facebook

Now you can officially share Youtube video updates with friends on Twitter and Facebook. For every videos uploaded to your Youtube account, update for the same will be posted on your Twitter and Facebook timeline. To get started, login into your Youtube account. Then click Upload >

Read RSS feeds on desktop with Google Reader gadget

Google Reader is one of the favorite way to read RSS feeds online without having to install any application on the computer. Now you can take Google Reader out of the web browser to the desktop using Google Reader Gadget. It is a good option to read RSS feeeds on the desktop. Related

Create & share collection of RSS feeds in Google Reader

Now you can create bundle or collection of your favorite RSS feeds in Google Reader. These bundles or collection of RSS feed can be shared with fellow Google Reader users. You can also display these RSS bundles on your website or blog and allows users to subscribe to contents of RSS

Actual number of unread items / posts in Google Reader

Google Reader (RSS junkies) are well aware of situation when you don't open reader for few days. Unread posts or items pile up like anything and show 1000+ unread, with no way to see the actual count of unread items in Google Reader. Google Reader Unread Count is a userscript that can

Google Reader Howto Help Videos on Youtube

Google Reader is one cool web service to gulp loads of information in least amount of time. It is an online RSS Reader which is easy and very use-friendly. After you understand the concept of RSS and test drive Google Reader - you can realize true value of an RSS reader like Google

Compact Google Reader to view more in less space

Google Reader went for a design makeover losing curves and colors. New design has lot of spacing and things spread out little more. Incase this spacing is too much for you and want to read more stuff in less space then checkout 'Google Reader Absolutely Compact'. It reduces empty space

Google Reader get fresh look with less color & curves

Google Reader just lost its curves and color for new crispy fresh look. Today, when Google Reader window came up - it loaded very quickly with lot of white instead of blue. First thought, my internet connection is buggy and didn't allow style images to load. Well, there was a message at

Translate RSS Feeds in your Language in Google Reader

Many times we come across interesting blog written in different language. While there are ways to translate any blog to any other language using Google Translate, new feature in Google Reader has made things very easy and automatic. Google Reader has added new feature which allows you

Show off your followers & Track them in Blogger NOW

Blogger is spilling new features every now and then. In an effort to make Blogger platform more engaging and social here comes new feature 'following'. This feature is very useful in tracking: Which and how many readers enjoy reading your blog. Stay updated with your favorite

Subscribe to Obama & McCain Shared in Google Reader

Barack Obama and John McCain are power reader in Politics. Ever wanted to explore news sites read by McCain and Obama? Well, both big shots are sharing articles with Google