How to filter RSS Feed to read only specific content

Popular blogs and websites churn out lot of content on daily basis. All the published content may not appeal to every users, for example: large blogs like Mashable, Gizmodo publish stories on various topics, gadgets, electronics. Subscribing to RSS feed of such blog can clog your feed

View Google Reader in Full screen mode

Now you perform clutter free browsing of RSS feeds online in Google Reader using 'full screen mode'. This allows you to only view actual feed content minus the top and left sidebar. You can easily toggle between normal and full screen view using quick keyboard shortcut key. Also, you can

Auto publish latest blog posts on digg

Newer Digg allow bloggers and webmasters spread their content with greater ease. You can automatically import RSS feed and publish latest blog posts (articles) to your Digg profile using "auto submit content" feature. Just enter the RSS feed and verify its ownership to automatically send

Read RSS feed as photo slideshow on iGoogle homepage

iGoogle is a start page feature from Google. You can customize and add content as per your liking: from changing the look of iGoogle homepage to useful functionality like sending files via iGoogle chat. It has option to browse RSS feed content of any website or blog. Now you can browse

Google Reader Play bookmarklet & Chrome plugin

Google introduced Google Reader Play feature for visual browsing of RSS feed content. It allows you to view RSS content in the form of big headlines along with image thumbnails of post images. We have already seen procedure to start Google Reader Play from Google Reader window. Here are

Make PDF file from RSS feed or website content

RSS feed concept is an easy way to share information. Majority of blogs and websites have dedicated RSS feed for users to able to track and view latest updates. Ever wanted to generate and save RSS feed content in PDF file format? You can easily extract contents from RSS feed or webpage

Visual RSS feed browsing with Google Reader Play

Google Reader ( is a best online tool for browsing and managing RSS feeds online. It has simple and very easy to use interface. Now you can add little spice to RSS feed viewing routine using Google Reader Play feature. It allows more visual 'image thumbnail' per post

No RSS feed to subscribe website updates ?

"... my favorite website, blog does not provide RSS feed subscription to track regular updates in my RSS feed reader". Are you facing similar issue? Well, there is easy workaround to get RSS feed updates of any website that do not offer RSS feed. You can use third party online tools to

Add Blog RSS feed to Twitter with Feedburner

Feedburner has been quiet (feature wise) ever since Google acquired it. Finally, Google has added a new feature to Feedburner service that allows you to publish RSS feed of your blog or website to specific Twitter account automatically. You can customize text, hastags for automatic RSS

How to show Favicons for RSS feeds in Google Reader

Google Reader is an awesome online service to read RSS feed content. Now you can spice up the RSS feed display by showing favicons for respective subscribed RSS feeds. With Favicon display it is more easy to identify specific RSS feed (specially, if you happen to overaload Google Reader

Feedly plugin for Google Chrome: Fun RSS reading

Feedly made quiet a buzz for being a fun magazine style RSS reader in the form of Firefox plugin. Well, this cool plugin is now available for Google Chrome users. You can neatly browse different RSS feeds content in fun and cool magazine 'Feedly' style. Feedly for Chrome is similar to

RSS Feed URL of Twitter Lists

Ideally, you can follow specific Twitter account using respective RSS feed using 3rd party tools (like Twitter recently introduced Twitter Lists and it for sure is creating lot of buzz with different Twitter users creating their own Twitter list containing favorite