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Newer Digg allow bloggers and webmasters spread their content with greater ease. You can automatically import RSS feed and publish latest blog posts (articles) to your Digg profile using “auto submit content” feature. Just enter the RSS feed and verify its ownership to automatically send latest content to your Digg profile.

Import RSS feed to auto submit content to Digg profile

1. Goto and login into your Digg account.

2. After login, click ‘settings’ option at the top.

3. Then click ‘import feeds’ at left sidebar.

4. Enter the RSS feed URL that you want to auto-submit.

5. Select the topic from drop down box and click ‘add feed’ button.

6. Then you need to verify ownership of added RSS feed.

Bloggers can switch to HTML editor mode, then copy and paste this key in the next latest post. Once that post appear in your RSS feed, goto Digg profile settings and click ‘verify now’ button.



  1. This is no longer enabled for Digg.

  2. Md.Masudul Hasan says

    My digg profile does not shoiwng import feed option.

  3. Rohith VR says

    i checked on my digg , but i cant see “import feed” link, is the option closed?

  4. Now.. no link is there..this option is closed?

  5. Hi, i’ m new subscriber to Digg.
    I was surprised in not finding any way to automaticallu submit feed links or buttons on Digg site…

    Does Digg clear that option???

  6. Wow useful info. I’ll try it in m my blog

  7. I do this but since my old digg account was linked to my facebook account when they changed the site I could no longer access it and I lost most of my connections on digg. But submitting content to social bookmarking sites yourself is important because people will easily stumble,digg or vote up your sites towards submitting them. If you do not do this do not expect others to do it for you thanks for the tip and I hope anyone reading this follows your instructions to automatically publish to digg

  8. Works like a charm, t u so much!

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