Windows Live Writer Plugins for Digg, Flickr & Twitter


Windows Live Writer is a free software to blog and interface with different blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger etc. New plugins have been released to make blogging more easy with Windows Live Writer. There is plugin each for interacting with Twitter, Digg and Flickr.

Digg This can used to add ‘DiggThis’ badge to your blog posts. You can also chose between different badge styles and alignment for positioning of button on post page. Twitter Notify can automatically “tweet” the title and link to your blog to your Twitter account when you publish a blog post. So post to Twitter as soon as you post to your blog!

Flickr Upload allows you to insert an inline image in a blog post in Windows Live Writer. I also uploads that image to Flickr when you publish a post. If you are using Windows Live Writer for blogging, then these plugins for sure can make life easy and save lot of time. [via]

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