Post SmugMug photos using Windows Live Writer

For starters, SmugMug is a popular image hosting website. You can upload your personal photos and create beautiful galleries. If you use Windows Live Writer desktop client to update your blog and want to post photos of your SmugMug account, then checkout SmugMug To LiveWriter

Download Windows Live Writer backup, restore utility

Many Bloggers use Windows Live Writer to write and manage their blogposts. Windows Live Writer backup utility (WLWBackup) allows you to backup and restore posts, settings and plugins of Windows Live Writer application on the computer. Developer has re-written this utility with little

Windows Live Writer Plugins for Digg, Flickr & Twitter

Windows Live Writer is a free software to blog and interface with different blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogger etc. New plugins have been released to make blogging more easy with Windows Live Writer. There is plugin each for interacting with Twitter, Digg and Flickr.