How to print Flickr pictures on Photo Book directly

If you regularly use Flickr for uploading and storing photos, then here is an update worth checking out. Now Flickr has integrated online Photo Books creation tool (web service). Using your existing pictures in Flickr account, you can directly create and print beautiful photo books in few

Upload photos to Flickr from Android phone

Lot of people use different versions of Android powered mobile phones. Do you want to upload and send photos from Android phone to Flickr website? Depending on the version of Android OS on the phone, you can choose best method for uploading photos on Flickr. Besides using 'upload by email'

Take screenshots & upload to Flickr from desktop

Do you love sharing computer screenshots with friends on Flickr photo sharing website? You can make this process very easy and quick using Screenshotr tool. It allows you to capture screenshots and directly upload them to your Flickr account from the comfort of the desktop without having

Upload photos to flickr on Ubuntu: Nautilus Uploader

Are you looking for easy way to upload pictures to Flickr website on Ubuntu system? Nautilus Uploader program is a free and simple flickr image uploading tool. It has easy user interface for quick uploading of photos to Flickr website. You can login into Flickr account and upload images

Open blocked Flickr photos by changing URL

Flickr is very popular website to browse and view lot of cool photos from around the world. Is Flickr blocked at your school, office or work place? There is alternative for every blocked service like Gmail blocked at work, here is dead simple way to access blocked Flickr photos by changing

Upload photos from desktop to flickr, Zoomr: jUploadr

jUploadr is a portable java based tool to quickly upload photos from desktop to online photo services like Flickr and Zoomr. It is a cross platform tool and is available for free download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It has easy to use "drag drop" interface support for easy loading

Download & see Flickr photos on Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame is a cool way to share and view personal photos without too much computing fuss. At times, it can be difficult dealing with download of new photos on a digital photo frame. If you use Flickr website to host photos and love to see Flickr photo on your digital photo frame

Automatically post Flickr photos on Twitter via email

There number of web services that allow you to share photos on Twitter. Well, they need to worry as big daddy of photo sharing Flickr now allows you to automatically post new Flickr photo updates on Twitter timeline. So if you are using Flickr to host photos, use following procedure to

Access & insert Flickr images in Outlook 2007

Sharing images through email messages sent via Outlook is a daily routine for many web users. Flickr website has huge database of images which can be shared without any copyright strings (most of them). How about directly accessing and sending Flickr photos in emails created in Outlook

Twitter from flock web browser, integrated client!

Twitter madness has already spread over loads of web based Twitter apps and numerous Twiter clients (bDule, Seemic, Chirp, TweetDeck). Looks like, new version Flock web browser wants you to dump all these to a dustin. New version comes with fully loaded and integrated Twitter client to

Search Flickr photos by location on the map

Do you want to see Flickr photos from the place or location you reside? Flickr Searchr makes this real easy involving few simple mouse clicks. To get started, click 2 locations on the Google map displayed to define the geographical area for which Flickr image results should

Tweet Flickr photos in single click with Flickr 2 Twitter

Are you looking for an easy and quick way to share Flickr photo page link on Twitter? Well, Flickr2Twitter Firefox extension makes this activity a single click procedure. After install, you will get a new button 'Tweet this image', click that button to send any Flickr photo to your Twitter