Upload photos to Flickr from Android phone


Lot of people use different versions of Android powered mobile phones. Do you want to upload and send photos from Android phone to Flickr website? Depending on the version of Android OS on the phone, you can choose best method for uploading photos on Flickr. Besides using ‘upload by email’ method for sending photos to Flickr, you can use direct browser method on newer Android 2.2 operating system.

Browser based Flickr upload on Android 2.2.

If you are using Android 2.2 or above, then you can easily upload photos to Flickr website using browser method.

1. Open m.flickr.com in browser of your Android phone.

2. Select the photo (from the gallery) that you want to upload, directly from your phone.

3. You will get photo upload link right on the Flickr homepage (provided you are using Android 2.2 version). [via Flickr blog]

Upload by email on older Android

While iPhone users have official Flickr app for quick uploading of photos to Flickr website, Android users can do same through ‘upload by email’ method without using any app.

1. To get started, you need to register for unique email address.

2. While uploading photos by email, the subject line is used as the title of your photo and the body of the email is used as the description.

3. Send email to unique email address for auto uploading of photos on Flickr website.


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