How to upload & delete photos on Twitter

Now you can upload and share photos along with tweet message directly on website. This is possible using new 'add an image' option on user interface on Twitter website. You can upload any image from your local computer and post it on your Twitter profile account in few simple

How many photos can I upload on Facebook

Facebook users upload and share lot of photos with online friends. Infact, Facebook now has more uploaded photos than dedicated photo sharing websites like Flickr, Photobucket. Facebook users can upload photos and arrange them properly in different albums. You can also tag uploaded photos

Upload photos to Flickr from Android phone

Lot of people use different versions of Android powered mobile phones. Do you want to upload and send photos from Android phone to Flickr website? Depending on the version of Android OS on the phone, you can choose best method for uploading photos on Flickr. Besides using 'upload by email'

Batch upload from Picasa to Picasa web albums

Picasa Web Albums ( is a free online photo storage service from Google. While Picasa is a free software from Google to easily manage, edit and upload photos from desktop to Picasa Web Albums. Now you can easily upload multiple photos from your computer to Picasa Web

Drag to add photos in email message on Gmail

Gmail has added another feature with drag and drop support. Previously, you could drag and drop files to Gmail interface to upload them as attachment. Now you can even drag photos to display them inline within message body being composed in Gmail. So, if you are too lazy to use insert

Portable image uploader for TinyPic & ImageShack and are two popular free image hosting websites. Do you want to upload images to these websites from desktop using single program? XL uploader program makes this all easy and simple routine. It is a portable multi-website free photo uploader tool for Windows

Take screenshots & upload to Flickr from desktop

Do you love sharing computer screenshots with friends on Flickr photo sharing website? You can make this process very easy and quick using Screenshotr tool. It allows you to capture screenshots and directly upload them to your Flickr account from the comfort of the desktop without having

Import Picasa images into Orkut photo albums

Google is integrating Picasa and Orkut for better photo management. Previously, it added upload to Orkut button for directly uploading photos to Orkut from Picasa desktop software. Now it has added 'Import from Picasa' option on web photo albums page in Orkut account. Direct Picasa to

Upload photos to flickr on Ubuntu: Nautilus Uploader

Are you looking for easy way to upload pictures to Flickr website on Ubuntu system? Nautilus Uploader program is a free and simple flickr image uploading tool. It has easy user interface for quick uploading of photos to Flickr website. You can login into Flickr account and upload images

Upload photos on Orkut from Picasa desktop

For starters: Orkut(.com) is a 'Facebook' like social networking website from Google and Picasa is a free desktop photo editing software from Google. If you happen to use Picasa for editing photos and also an active user of Orkut, then editing and sharing photos on Orkut just became more

Upload photos from desktop to flickr, Zoomr: jUploadr

jUploadr is a portable java based tool to quickly upload photos from desktop to online photo services like Flickr and Zoomr. It is a cross platform tool and is available for free download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It has easy to use "drag drop" interface support for easy loading

Bulk upload images from MAC & Linux desktop to ImageShack is very popular free image and video hosting website. We have already seen Official ImageShack uploader utility for Windows users which allow easy bulk upload of photos and videos with simple drag N drop interface. Now similar ImageShack uploader is available for Linux and