ImageShack Uploader to batch upload image & video files is popular free image and video hosting website. You can speed up image and video upload process by using Official ImageShack upload utility. It is an open source utility available for download for Windows, Linux and MAC systems. It allows quick uploading of files from your

Multiple users upload photos to same Picasa Web Album

Ideally we can only upload photos to Picasa Web Albums in our account. Now you can upload photos to albums in other user accounts or allow other users to upload photos in albums in your Picasa account. This is possible by using Collaborative albums feature and adding list of contributors /

How to upload photos & videos to Facebook by email?

Facebook is a cool place to get chatty with online friends. Besides text based interaction, we tend to share lot of photos and videos with friends using Facebook account. As a result, Facebook has more photos than popular image hosting website like flickr or photobucket. Facbeook has made

Upload photos to Facebook from desktop with free tool

Facebook has emerged as big social networking website with loads of users interacting with each other. Besides the interaction, Facebook users upload lots of photos to their respective accounts. No wonder Facebook has more photos than popular image hosting websiteslike Flickr and

Free image upload for sharing on Twitter & Facebook

We already know number of web services to share photos on Twitter. Ideally you can use any free image hosting website and shorten the final image URL for quick sharing on Twitter and Facebook. ImgTweet does - image upload and final image URL shortening in one go. This saves lot of time and

Share any files & documents on Twitter with TwitDoc

There are number of web services to share stuff on Twitter from sharing photos to sharing videos. TwitDoc promises to be all in one solution to share any kind of file or document on Twitter. Just login into Twitter account, enter your tweet, upload file from the computer and you are all

How to insert inline images in email on Gmail?

Do you want to send an email message showing inline images? In simpler terms, all full size images show up in an email message instead of small thumbnail preview or links to download attached images. Gmail has introduced new Labs feature 'Inserting Images' that allows you to neatly insert

Upload files to 12 hosting services via UploadMirrors

Upload Mirrors web service can upload your files to over top 12 file hosting service in a single click. Just browse file for the upload, select among 12 listed file hosting services and hit the upload button. You will get sharing links of uploaded file for each hosting

One Click photo upload to photobucket in Firefox

Photobucket is a very popular and stable website to upload and share your photos. If you are tired of manually selecting each photo and uploading it to your photobucket account, checkout Photobucket Uploader Firefox plugin. Firefox users can install this plugin and upload photos to

Embed & display any file or URL content with Embedit

Do you want to display a word file in a blog post or article? Or show a large image embedded in a small window in a blog post? Embedit web service make this process really easy and involve only few clicks. To get started upload your file or enter a specific URL. After the upload and

LIVE upload photos to Facebook from Live PhotoGallery

'LiveUpload' plugin makes process of uploading photos to Facebook from Windows Live Photo Gallery easy and simple. The plug-in takes advantage of the new people tagging feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta to persist your people tags onto Facebook.

Quick MMS to auto send Photos to MySpace, Hi5, Flickr

We love to register and use accounts at different social networking websites. Updating all of them can be real time guzzler and we often tend to ignore few social websites. If you love uploading images and use Myspace, Hi5 and Flickr - then, MMSFace is one hell of service for you. It