How to upload photos & videos to Facebook by email?


Facebook is a cool place to get chatty with online friends. Besides text based interaction, we tend to share lot of photos and videos with friends using Facebook account. As a result, Facebook has more photos than popular image hosting website like flickr or photobucket. Facbeook has made photo and video very easy with new feature of upload by email.

This feature allows you to upload any photo or video by sending a quick email to a unique email ID associated with your Facebook account. Here is procedure to get going:

1. Goto Facebook Mobile page and get your personalized email ID to send photos and videos via email. It will be in the form like:


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2. Compose or write an email and attach photos / videos you want to send to your Facebook account via email. Email subject line will become caption for attached photos and videos. If you are attaching more than one photo or video in single email, then all will have same captions which you can edit later by going to your Facebook account.

3. After attaching photo or video files, send the email to your personalized Facebook email ID. By default, photos sent via email will be placed in “Mobile Upload” photo album and follow albums privacy settings.

Now sharing photos is more easy than ever before. Ready for photo and video splash on your Facebook account via email? [via Facebook Blog]


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