How many people you can send same Hotmail email


“To help reduce junk, Hotmail limits how many people you can send a message to at one time. To send your message, please remove some recipients. To increase the limit, verify your account.” Did you receive this error message while trying to send same Hotmail email to number of recipients? Hotmail imposes limits on email recipients you can send email simultaneously to control spam email flow.

Why Hotmail has such limits

Limits are imposed to reduce the amount of junk email including: unwanted, unsolicited, illicit email or other electronic messages, including spam sent from Windows Live Hotmail accounts. Hence, there is limits on number of recipients you can send email messages.

What is the limit on my Hotmail account

If you are a new free user, you might be limited to as low as 10 max recipients limit which is a temporary restriction and is upgraded to the 100 max recipients limit as soon as the user establishes credibility in the system (through email usage over period of time). If you are a paid user, you can add up to 100 recipients to an outgoing email.

Verify mobile number to increase this limit

You can immediately increase limit on number of recpients to send same email message simultaneously by verifying your account with mobile number. Click here to add and verify your mobile number with your existing Windows Live Hotmail account.



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