Upload videos with drag & drop on Youtube

Youtube has largest online community of videos. You can watch videos of different types in both standard and HD quality format. Uploading videos on Youtube just became more easy with "Drag and drop" support. Now you can simply drag and drop video files to upload videos quickly to your

Upload HD videos to Youtube from iPhone [iOS 4.1]

iOS 4.1 software update introduce lot of new features like HDR photos and HD video uploading to Youtube. You can record HD videos on iPhone and directly publish them on Youtube website. To get started, you will need iOS 4.1 software update on iPhone and a Youtube account for sending videos

Upload videos to Twitter from desktop with Tweetdeck

Do you want to quickly upload and share videos from desktop with Twitter friends? All new Tweetdeck makes this few clicks routine. It allows you to upload video files from the desktop and tweet them to Twitter buddies from Tweetdeck desktop interface. Video uploading is powered by Twitter

Upload & share private unlisted Youtube videos

Ideally when you upload a Youtube videos, it is listed in spcific groups, channels and indexed by Youtube video search. Do you want to make Youtube videos private and hidden? Youtube has new "unlisted" video feature allowing you to upload and share private Youtube videos with specific

Create Youtube Videos with own photos & music audio

Do you want to create cool Youtube video featuring own pics / photos with favorite audio soundtrack? uMusic is a dead simple application to achieve this complex looking task in few simple clicks. You can add multiple photo slideshow to a video along with any mp3 music file playing in the

Bulk upload images from MAC & Linux desktop to ImageShack

ImageShack.us is very popular free image and video hosting website. We have already seen Official ImageShack uploader utility for Windows users which allow easy bulk upload of photos and videos with simple drag N drop interface. Now similar ImageShack uploader is available for Linux and

ImageShack Uploader to batch upload image & video files

ImageShack.us is popular free image and video hosting website. You can speed up image and video upload process by using Official ImageShack upload utility. It is an open source utility available for download for Windows, Linux and MAC systems. It allows quick uploading of files from your

Upload videos online free (upto 2GB) on PhotoShop.com

PhotoShop.com was launched a while back as basic online image editing application. You can render lot of image effects by uploading and storing image for free. Now you can also upload videos and use the free space of 2GB provided per account. To get started, create a free account at

How to upload photos & videos to Facebook by email?

Facebook is a cool place to get chatty with online friends. Besides text based interaction, we tend to share lot of photos and videos with friends using Facebook account. As a result, Facebook has more photos than popular image hosting website like flickr or photobucket. Facbeook has made

Upload bigger Youtube videos & new HD embed option

Youtube is getting loads of HD (high definition) video content. As expected, to prep up more HD content on the website Youtube has doubled the allowed video size uploads. Now you can upload videos upto 2GB in size as against 1GB. This means you can upload videos with higher resolution and

Share any files & documents on Twitter with TwitDoc

There are number of web services to share stuff on Twitter from sharing photos to sharing videos. TwitDoc promises to be all in one solution to share any kind of file or document on Twitter. Just login into Twitter account, enter your tweet, upload file from the computer and you are all

Upload videos for free on Flickr, HD for PRO

Video upload option on Flickr is now available for all members (free and Pro). Free account members can now share 2 videos a month (need to install Uploadr version 3.1.4 available on Flickr Tools page). HD (high definition) video upload option is only available to PRO