Upload & share private unlisted Youtube videos


Ideally when you upload a Youtube videos, it is listed in spcific groups, channels and indexed by Youtube video search. Do you want to make Youtube videos private and hidden? Youtube has new “unlisted” video feature allowing you to upload and share private Youtube videos with specific friends.

Unlisted hidden videos from public search

As seen in screenshot below, select the unlisted video option for specific uploaded Youtube video. You will get unique URL for unlisted Youtube videos. Share that video URL with friends to allow them to view unlisted Youtube video. So any user with your unlisted Youtube video URL can watch it. However, this video will not be listed or search-able through Youtube video search.

If you want to share Youtube video with less than 25 Youtube users, then make Youtube video private instead of unlisted. A private Youtube video can be viewed by specific Youtube users and won’t be listed in groups, channels and Youtube video search. So, unlisted or private Youtube video – take your pick! [via Youtube Blog]



  1. This thread is hilarious!!!! Thanks for the laugh guys. I think the 1st comment was serious, and although it’s something to consider, I use the unlisted option all the time for friends. I don’t blackmail, but now that you game me the idea… >=) JK (I’m guessing the 1st guy got blackmailed this way and I have to say, don’t do things you could get blackmailed for and you probably won’t have a problem.)

  2. Uploading unlisted sexy video for the purpose of black mailing the person concern and warned that if will not give the demand money will put the person concern to shame by spreading the sexy video thru the YouTube unlisted..should be strictly prohibited…YouTube should also safeguard the reputation of the person concern victimiezed by scammers who hacked sexy video…what does the person being victimized of hack sexy video do to stop spreading unlisted sexy video after not giving the demand money by the scammers/hackers? Hope you will pay attention to this kind of “MODUS OPERANDE” of bad people who wants to make money out of this…

    • Seriously? That’s what you got out of this? The guy wants to upload a video and not let 6 billion people see it, and it automatically has to be a sexy video he’s going to use to blackmail someone? You need to be a little more open minded. Maybe he’s just shy? Or wants to show a video of him doing something stupid while drunk to a few friends, but doesn’t want his family or boss to find it. Or maybe he’s a terrorist and wants to share the video only with fellow terrorists. Not every private video is used for blackmail.

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