Automatic hidden copy & backup of USB drive data


Do you want to copy, backup, steal data of USB flash drive plugged to the computer? AutoUSBcheck does this silently in the background whenever a USB flash drive is connected to PC. It allows secret way to knowing when a USB flash drive is used on the computer and extracts copy of USB drive data on the hard drive.

AutoUSBCheck for hidden copy of USB data

1. Download AutoUSBCheck & install the application.
2. Goto Start > Programs > AutoUSBcheck to launch program.
3. Click Ok on unlock code window to use Free version.
4. Then click Start button to activate program for USB drive monitoring.


If you plug any USB flash drive to this computer with this program in active state, it will copy content of USB drive silently in the background which you can access later on. For sure one cool app to track USB flash drives and their data being accessed on the computer – like it?



  1. when i want to open a folder, it dosn’t open nor delete. msg show “access is denide” how to recover data from this folder?

  2. please send me unlock code
    thank you

  3. udayanga says

    please send me unlock code or full version

  4. Please send me the unlock code or the full version

  5. can u get the serial for get full vergen ??

  6. Whats the unlock code?

  7. many thax!

  8. how to download it. I am unable to download it. pls tell me !

  9. @vincent

  10. wow i like this application.but is there an application which will do it opposite by secretly copying data from computer(defined folder common) to usb . i know some computers do allow auto run.

  11. send me

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