How to Disable USB ports on Windows PC

USB devices like pen drives are very quick way to copy and transfer data. They also pose big threat of infecting computer with malicious stuff. You can disable USB ports on Windows PC and prevent other users, friends from transferring data (to and from) your PC. This will keep computer

Customize USB drive icon & background image

USB pen drive are very common and easy way to transfer data. USB Personalizer is a free portable tool to customize looks of USB pen drive. You can add new icon to USB drive and change background image of folders. It has easy to use interface to select any icon or background image for

Test & check USB Flash drive

USB Flash (pen) drives have become very common. They are best suited for quick and easy data transfer from one system to another. Besides data transfer, many people use them for data storage for backup. Hence, it is important to check if your USB Flash drive is in good functioning state. A

Reminder software to unplug USB flash drive from PC

USB flash drives are common and very handy for quick data transfer. You can easily plug them to USB port and copy required files. However, at times we forget to unplug / remove USB flash drive from computer even after data transfer is complete. FlashRecall program should be useful in such

How to change default USB pen drive Icon

Are you bored of usual USB flash drive icon? Well, you can easily give makeover to icon of USB drive and use any image as its icon. Whole procedure involves 3 lines of simple code and new icon image that you want to use instead of default USB flash drive icon. Change to new USB drive

Automatic hidden copy & backup of USB drive data

Do you want to copy, backup, steal data of USB flash drive plugged to the computer? AutoUSBcheck does this silently in the background whenever a USB flash drive is connected to PC. It allows secret way to knowing when a USB flash drive is used on the computer and extracts copy of USB drive

Backup & create images of USB flash drives

Do you want to create images of USB flash drive? USB Image Tool allows you to create images of USB flash drives and MP3 players, that are mounted as USB drives. You can switch between images or make an exact backup of your USB flash drive / stick. It has neat user interface to quickly

Lock computer with USB key drive

Privacy is very critical while using computer. No computer user like their computer being explored by strangers, which may result in data theft. You can easily lock computer using a USB key drive while moving away from computer for sometime. Just remove connected USB key from the computer

Disable & block CD, DVD, USB ports, Flash drives on computers in network

CD, DVD, USB flash drives can come real handy to copy and transfer date from one computer to another. In a home network or small network of computers, you may want to disable / block such data transfer in order to prevent data theft. AdminDeviceLan is a small application that allows you

Safely remove USB drive in single click / Kb shortuct

We need to go through standard routine of "Safely Remove Hardware" before physically unplugging a USB device drive from the computer. This procedure is long, boring and involves lot of clicking. If you often use USB devices on the computer and is tired of this long "safely remove" routine,

How to test read & write speed of USB flash drive?

Do you want to test speed of your USB flash drive? USBDeview is a cool utility that allows you to measure read and write speed of any USB flash drive connected to the computer. To get started, download USBDeview utility, unzip it and double click its icon to start the utility. This utility

USB Flash Drive Fingers, Cool & Creepy Finger

Each finger is freshly cut and removed from the local morgue (no, not really...) and equipped with 1gig of memory. These things are very realistic in appearance