Lock computer with USB key drive


Privacy is very critical while using computer. No computer user like their computer being explored by strangers, which may result in data theft. You can easily lock computer using a USB key drive while moving away from computer for sometime. Just remove connected USB key from the computer to lock it while stepping away from PC. Connect USB key back to unlock and resume work.

Steps to lock PC with USB key drive

1. Download Predator software & install it.
2. Connect USB key / drive to PC & run Predator application.
3. Preferences window will open (as seen in screenshot below).
4. Enter the password for locking & unlocking of PC with USB key.
5. Select USB key drive letter from dropdown & Click Create key.


How to use Predator locking application?

predator-usb-lock-app-desktopAfter setting up using above procedure, make sure USB key is connected to PC and Predator application is running. When you want to move away, remove USB key drive from PC. This will disable mouse, keyboard and darken the display screen. To unlock and resume work, connect USB key drive to the computer.

This is a secure and very fast way to lock / unlock PC as you dont have to type password after connecting USB key drive to PC while trying to unlock it.



  1. Cool,I was searching for that kind of solution for long, will try it right now thanks !

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    Pray tell us why? An affirmation without any explanation or facts is quite useless so please share your wisdom with us.

  3. My honest opinion is that Rohos Logon Key is a better program for doing this ;)

  4. this site is copying your articles

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