Portable USB protection software from Bitdefender

Gone are days of floppy drives and CD discs to share data. USB pen drives have become very common medium to store, transfer and share data quickly. With goodness of USB drive portability comes the risk of infection as a result of autorun malware (and viruses). Infections like

Connect & transfer data between 2 computers via USB

Connecting 2 computers can be confusing and time draining procedure for majority of PC users. We have already seen procedure to connect 2 PCs using cross over cable. Making things dead simple and super easy is connection of 2 PCs using USB connectivity. USB Go link cable allows you to

Install Windows XP using bootable USB drive

Is your genuine Windows CD over-scratched? Does your CD-Rom take too much time for reading the disk? Here is the finest way to eliminate the use of Genuine Windows XP CD again and again by replacing the same with the USB dongle which can me made bootable and put into use for the

How to Disable USB ports on Windows PC

USB devices like pen drives are very quick way to copy and transfer data. They also pose big threat of infecting computer with malicious stuff. You can disable USB ports on Windows PC and prevent other users, friends from transferring data (to and from) your PC. This will keep computer

Customize USB drive icon & background image

USB pen drive are very common and easy way to transfer data. USB Personalizer is a free portable tool to customize looks of USB pen drive. You can add new icon to USB drive and change background image of folders. It has easy to use interface to select any icon or background image for

Create bootable USB drive of CentOS / RedHat disk or ISO image

ISO2USB utility can come real handy when you want to install CentOS / RedHat on system that does not have optical CD or DVD drive. This utility can make a bootable USB drive from CentOS / RedHat disk or its ISO image. Created USB drive can be used for installation on systems which do not

Surf internet from CD, DVD, USB drive: QtWeb portable browser

Want to take your web browser with you? QtWeb is a portable web browser that you can carry in a USB drive or CD, DVD dics. Just one exe file (5MB), launch it to open web browser and start surfing the internet. Once you launch the browser, it will create 3 folders: downloads, QtWebCache

Test & check USB Flash drive

USB Flash (pen) drives have become very common. They are best suited for quick and easy data transfer from one system to another. Besides data transfer, many people use them for data storage for backup. Hence, it is important to check if your USB Flash drive is in good functioning state. A

How to change default USB pen drive Icon

Are you bored of usual USB flash drive icon? Well, you can easily give makeover to icon of USB drive and use any image as its icon. Whole procedure involves 3 lines of simple code and new icon image that you want to use instead of default USB flash drive icon. Change to new USB drive

Create bootable USB / DVD of downloaded Windows 7 ISO file

Windows 7 is now available for purchase in direct online download-able and DVD disc format. If you have purchased and downloaded Windows 7 from Microsoft Store website, then grab "Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool". This tool allows you to create a copy of your downloaded Windows 7 ISO file

Backup, restore & delete USB data with portable tool

USB Flash Tools is a portable program to perform basic tasks on USB drive / flash drive data. It allows you to backup current content of a USB Flash drive and restore content from existing backup file. It also allows you to securely delete existing data of USB drive without possibility of

Automatic hidden copy & backup of USB drive data

Do you want to copy, backup, steal data of USB flash drive plugged to the computer? AutoUSBcheck does this silently in the background whenever a USB flash drive is connected to PC. It allows secret way to knowing when a USB flash drive is used on the computer and extracts copy of USB drive