Redirect Folder to control panel using Notepad

Is you PC used by many people at home or office and you need to secure the data? You can secure it by redirecting a folder to some other location (like Control panel). You can apply this redirection to any folder containing important files and folders using Notepad. This helps protect

How to Lock Windows PC [keyboard & shorcut icon]

There are times while at office or home that you need to move away from computer. However, you cannot shut down computer during that time. If you log off from PC, all applications running in the background are closed, you may not want to close current applications. Best way to deal with

Turn Num, Caps & Scroll Lock ON / OFF with mouse clicks

Pressing Num, caps or scroll lock keys on keyboard too boring for you? Well, using small portable utility "NumLock" you can change the ON / OFF state of Num, Caps and Scroll lock with simple mouse clicks. Besides the ON / OFF status, you can make the utility to load Windows start and keep

Lock computer with USB key drive

Privacy is very critical while using computer. No computer user like their computer being explored by strangers, which may result in data theft. You can easily lock computer using a USB key drive while moving away from computer for sometime. Just remove connected USB key from the computer

Lock & block access to any application with AppLocker

There are times we need to prevent other users on the same computer to open and use specific application software installed on the computer. Classic example being, restricting kids to access Internet Explorer to surf internet or play specific game on the computer. AppLocker makes this

How to lock CD / DVD drive & prevent drive eject?

CD / DVD drive is used for more things that just playing and burning CDs /DVDs. Did we forget the play element involved? Like ejecting the drive tray and placing coffee mug and use it as coffee cup holder. Well, such things can be avoided if its only mature people playing around. Kids

How to Password Protect or Lock a Specific Program?

There are number of free software available to password protect a folder like Lockbox and CleanerSoft Hide Folder software. How about a software to password protect a specific program or EXE file? EXE lock is a free and lite utility to password protect any program on the computer. This