Upload & share private unlisted Youtube videos

Ideally when you upload a Youtube videos, it is listed in spcific groups, channels and indexed by Youtube video search. Do you want to make Youtube videos private and hidden? Youtube has new "unlisted" video feature allowing you to upload and share private Youtube videos with specific

How to Hide text in images: Steganography software

Do you want to pass on secret text message without being scanned by mail sniffer or network administrator? One clever way to share textual information is by encrypting text in any photograph image (also called Steganography). You can add encrypted text within a photo. Receiver will see

Hide taskbar with keyboard shortcut hotkey

Do you want to hide taskbar on Windows computer with quick hotkey? "Taskbar Hider" is a free portable utility to get this feature on Windows. Using this utility you can hide taskbar and make it re-appear using keyboard shortcut hotkey anytime while working on the computer. Hide, UnHide

Enable task manager, folder options, registry & hidden files

Suddenly, Windows task manager has been disabled / grayed out and you cannot click on option to open it. Also, cannot open folder options to enable viewing of hidden files / folders, Windows search box does not open - these are few after effects of virus attack on Windows computer. Even

Automatic hidden copy & backup of USB drive data

Do you want to copy, backup, steal data of USB flash drive plugged to the computer? AutoUSBcheck does this silently in the background whenever a USB flash drive is connected to PC. It allows secret way to knowing when a USB flash drive is used on the computer and extracts copy of USB drive

Twitter in Outlook, OutTwit hidden at work !

If you cannot get over Twitter addiction and use Microsoft Outlook on office computer all the time - then OutTwit application is for you. It allows you to remain Twitter addicted within Outlook application. You can perform basic Twitter chores within Outlook interface keeping every thing