Hide taskbar with keyboard shortcut hotkey


Do you want to hide taskbar on Windows computer with quick hotkey? “Taskbar Hider” is a free portable utility to get this feature on Windows. Using this utility you can hide taskbar and make it re-appear using keyboard shortcut hotkey anytime while working on the computer.

Hide, UnHide Taskbar on Windows

1. Download Taskbar Hider utility on the computer.
2. Unzip & launch the utility (portable program, does not require install).


3. It sits on the system tray, press Win + X to hide and again press Win + X to un-hide taskbar.

You can right click utility icon and click “Settings” option to change the shortcut key being used to hide and unhide the taskbar. One quick and easy utility for playing around with taskbar on Windows. You can play more by moving programs from taskbar to the system tray, take your pick!


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