Rename & change Hard Drive partition letter

Now a days due to large capacity hard drives (like 500GB), we tend to partition hard drive into more partitions for easy management of files and data. Each partition is assigned separate letter like C, D, E, F, G and so on. Do you want to modify this drive letter assignment of hard drive

Make desktop icons smaller as ‘list view’ on Windows

Large and big size icons on Windows desktop taking too much space? You can easily tidy up desktop interface by reducing size of desktop icons and displaying them in neat "list view" format. Deskview is a portable tool for Windows that change desktop icon size and display format in single

Disable & enable Task Manager [portable tool]

Is task manager disabled on your Windows PC? This may happen due to number of reasons like no admin privileges, system file changes, effect of virus and so on. You can easily enable or disable Windows task manager without need of administrator privileges using "Task Manager Enabler". It is

Create MAC like stacks of icons on Windows taskbar

Do you want MAC OSX like stacks feature on Windows PC? You can easily implement stacks of icons feature on Windows system using free "7stacks" program. It allows you to create and combine multiple applications icons into single icon to display stacks of icons on Windows 7 taskbar. You can

Run & use programs with different date & time

Do you want to use applications with specific date - time settings without changing normal system date -time? This is possible using portable tool "Run As Date". It allows you to specify any date and time for any program on your computer and use it accordingly. Utility does not change the

Batch edit date & time attributes of multiple files

By default, each file on computer hold information of date and time it was created, accessed and edited. You may want to change date and time information associated with specific file and this can be easily done using 3rd party utility. We have already seen, File Touch utility and

Resize any non resizeable dialog box on windows

Majority of settings dialog boxes on windows have fixed dimensions. Users cannot resize them as per requirement. Now you can easily tweak windows to resize any non resizeable dialog box using portable ResizeEnable tool. It adds functionality that allows user to resize any windows dialog

Redirect Folder to control panel using Notepad

Is you PC used by many people at home or office and you need to secure the data? You can secure it by redirecting a folder to some other location (like Control panel). You can apply this redirection to any folder containing important files and folders using Notepad. This helps protect

Windows Run menu with auto suggestions

Do you love Google Suggest type of feature of seeing suggestions while you type? You can add similar suggestion functionality to Start > Run menu on your Windows PC. Since run commands are difficult to remember, auto suggestion feature allows you to explore more without having to

Remove Taskbar on Windows 7, Vista, XP desktop

Don't find taskbar useful enough for taking so much space on the desktop screen? You can easily remove or hide taskbar on Windows PC using free portable tool 'Taskbar Eliminator'. Just like 'Taskbar Hider utility', it allows you to hide and remove taskbar with a quick keyboard shortcut

Open multiple Explorer windows simultaneously

Windows Explorer pane is one of most useful place on Windows PC for bird's eye view of all contents on the computer. By default, we can only open one Windows Explorer pane. We have already seen Windows Double Explorer program to open two Explorer panes. How about opening more (upto 4)