Remove Skype from taskbar on Windows 7

Newer version of Skype automatically pins to Windows 7 taskbar. Even if you click X at top right of Skype window, it does not go away easily. You need to perform a longer routine to remove Skype from taskbar - right click on Skype tab on taskbar and then click on 'Quit' option. You can

Auto hide or show Windows Taskbar

Auto hide taskbar means that the taskbar will remain hidden until or unless you take the mouse pointer over the taskbar. It will temporarily pop up taskbar and it will hide when you point the mouse pointer away from the taskbar. By default this feature is disabled in Winodws. Turn ON /

Customize Windows 7 taskbar buttons look

In Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft has introduced a lot of new features . Taskbar in Windows 7 has undergone extreme makeover and look different from previous Windows releases. Now, taskbar looks more like taskbar on Mac OSX system. While few users like the new look others still

How to add Quick Launch in Windows 7 taskbar

Microsoft has modified the toolbar and added some really good features to taskbar of Windows 7 operating system. Quick launch is one of most used feature in Windows XP or Vista systems. However, in Windows 7 by default the quick launch feature is missing. You can easily enable it back

Remove Taskbar on Windows 7, Vista, XP desktop

Don't find taskbar useful enough for taking so much space on the desktop screen? You can easily remove or hide taskbar on Windows PC using free portable tool 'Taskbar Eliminator'. Just like 'Taskbar Hider utility', it allows you to hide and remove taskbar with a quick keyboard shortcut

Drag drop to arrange, hide buttons on Taskbar

Taskbar contents on Windows are very strict with limited movement. Using Taskbar Ext utility, you can arrange and manage taskbar with simple drag drop routine. You can easily drag buttons to arrange them at specific required position. To get started: download, unzip and double click to

Hide taskbar with keyboard shortcut hotkey

Do you want to hide taskbar on Windows computer with quick hotkey? "Taskbar Hider" is a free portable utility to get this feature on Windows. Using this utility you can hide taskbar and make it re-appear using keyboard shortcut hotkey anytime while working on the computer. Hide, UnHide

Hide & move Window programs from Taskbar to System Tray

Taskbar can become cluttered with too many opened Window programs. You can customize open programs showing on the taskbar using free utility "Taskbar Helper". It allows you to organize contents showing on the taskbar by hiding rarely used Windows or moving them from taskbar to system tray

Rearrange & sort buttons on Windows taskbar

Most of us are in habit of opening favorite website and application windows in specific order. Sometimes we close a window and re-opening show its button in different position / location on the taskbar. From here on, either we have to work with new position of buttons or close all windows

Disable close of app window & pin to system tray

Do you have any application window that should not be closed? Also, you do not want it to be minimized on task bar to prevent viewing or closure of that application window by other users. TrayTask is a simple utility that cleans up your taskbar and pins any app window from taskbar to

Windows7 like Superbar on XP [large taskbar icons]

Windows7 superbar has taskbar showing only large icons for each opened window. Now you can get same functionality and looks on your Windows XP computer using ViGlance utility. It is a portable utility, just download, extract and double click to see changes to your XP taskbar. Related