Cannot hear music audio on Youtube video ?


Many users surfing Youtube videos might be looking for answer to this questions – Why cant I hear music audio on this Youtube music video? Well, this is new Youtube’s quiet way to address copyright issue for content being uploaded on Youtube.

Say you created a fan video containing few clips. image and audio song which is strictly copyrighted. You might not get to hear the ‘probable copyright soundtrack’ – this is all to prevent Youtube from getting slapped with copyright claim (there have been too many in the past).

As seen in image above, you will get to see copyright notice below the video player and NO audio (see example). If your current Youtube videos have copryight audio, it is time for a change-over. You can easily add different audio to Youtube videos using in-built audio swapping functionality provided by Youtube.



  1. Why is it that I can hear some sites but, not others ? Its so annoying!!!
    HELP ME!!!

  2. but what if there’s no notice below the video but still you can’t hear the audio? I mean every video I play doesn’t have audio but when I play anything with my media player it doesn’t have audio issues so it’s not really a problem with my speakers. HELP :(

    • Yeah thats happening to me too. Can’t find anyplace that is helpful either :( . if you found a way to fix it could you plz tell me?

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