Add new Youtube Channel Subscribe button to website


Google has released new (and better) version of Youtube Channel subscription button widget. New Youtube subscription button is neat and attractive. If you have a Youtube Channel, then you can add custom Youtube subscription button to your website. Also, if you are fan of specific Youtube Channel you can add subscription button for the same on your website or blog.

Get code for new Youtube Channel Subscribe button

This is one click subscribe button, which means users does not have to leave your website to specificaly login into Youtube account. One click on the button and user it subscribed to your Youtube channel (provided already logged into Google account in the background).

New layout style of Youtube Subscription buttons

1. Open this developer page to get new Youtube Channel subscribe button. Under “Configuration options” you can see various types of Youtube Channel subscribe buttons like small default layout, full layout with avatar in light and dark themes.

2. Now scroll down to “Configure a button” section on the webpage. Enter your Youtube channel name, like tothepc for channel. If you have not set channel user name, then you should enter Youtube Channel ID number found in Youtube Account Information page.

code for new Youtube Channel Subscribe button

3. Then customize your Youtube Channel subscribe button by selecting: default or full options for the layout. By default light theme is selected, you can switch to dark color theme as per requirement.

4. Once you are done with customization, copy the code and paste it in your website. For WordPress users wanting to show this in the sidebar: goto widgets section and drag text widget to area in primary or secondary sidebar. Then paste this code in that text widget and click Save.

Video: New Youtube Channel Subscription Button

Additional Tip: If you are already using Google+ button on your website, then you can remove the <script> line in the code. Just add the code shown in <div> container for new Youtube Channel Subscribe button to display on your website or blog.


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