How to add different music / audio to Youtube Videos?


Do you want to add different music or audio to your uploaded Youtube videos? Well, this is possible with few mouse clicks using new web tool feature ‘audioswap’, that allows you to swap original video audio with other audio or music track.

Through audioswap you can access huge collection of songs and tracks (courtesy Youtube & Rumblefish partnership). You can use any of the track on your videos without worrying about copyrights or videos being taken down from Youtube website.

Login to your Youtube account and click on ‘Account’ > ‘My Videos’ option. List of videos upload by you will appear with each video having respective audioswap link. A new window will appear listing tracks under different genre, artists and tracks. Select the track of your choice and click on preview button located on the right side.

During preview you will hear both original and newly selected audio track. After you publish the video, new audio track will replace the original audio track ‘permnanetly’. So be careful when you play around with your video using Audioswap. This for sure is cool way to add spice to videos ‘audio-wise’. Checkout video explaining the procedure:



  1. bernie laverick says

    So how would you upload an edited version of your own song. It seems that remote possibility hasn’t been taken into account. Am I really the only musician who would want to put down a better edited version of their own song to their own video? I don’t want 15,000 other songs to choose from. I want mine…How utterly bizarre that that is impossible!!!!

  2. laughing so hard at the fools that think youtube should pay to license those bands just so they can add their music to their crappy movies

  3. wtf? no rise against, no sido, no billy talent, no bloodhound gang, no zebra head, no Bullet For My Valentine, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

    that´s the biggest shit ever on youtube! -.-

    How can I add my own music to my video? Many other people have succeeded it! -.-

  4. …. They have really bad music…… i want to know how to put a good song such as Savior – Rise Against.. anyone know how to do it???

  5. its utterly waste future, there is no option to add our own audio files..

  6. Stephanie says

    This feature does not work well.

  7. I fails to work for many, many you tube users.

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