Turn off skype chat beeps sound

Are audio beeps while using Skype annoying you? Fortunately, you can mute all (or specific) event audio beep sounds in Skype program. You can also customize beeps in Skype and configure sound settings to set your favorite audio beep piece for specific event like making a call, receiving

How to create Cue sheet files

Cue sheet or file contents specify layout of music tracks on a CD while burning. Cue file is automatically created while burning music tracks in programs like Nero. You can use cue files to split tracks and make copy of edited tracks by burning on a CD disc. You can manually create a cue

Create music loops & patterns at Aviary online editor

Do you want to create a sound bite with custom beats? No need to learn musical instruments, you can play around online and create interesting musical compositions online using Aviary music editor. You can use different types of piano, guitars and drum beats and mix them as per requirement

Split & cut MP3 music files online

We can easily cut selected part of mp3 song and use the smaller part as a ringtone. We have already seen easy to use free MP3 cutter software to cut any mp3 song file. Now you can edit and cut mp3 files online without having to install any software on the computer using 'mp3cut.net' online

Check Mp3 audio files for errors: portable audio tester

An audio file can contain number of errors which may not be detected during audio playback. Audio Tester is a portable utility that allows you to check error in audio files. It has easy to use drag drop interface for usage. You can check audio files of different formats including: MP3, Ogg

Repair corrupt MP3 audio files

Almost every user download and listen audio content in Mp3 format. Sometimes, Mp3 files are corrupt and does not playback in full. MP3val is a portable tool to find and fix corrupt Mp3 files on the computer. It can repair Mp3 audio files that are corrupt as a result of incomplete download

Edit Mp3 audio, add effects: free Sound editor

Want to play around and mix up mp3 audio file? Ideally this will require heavy loaded premium software with takes lot of learning to just use the program. Wave Editor has a free sound editor that helps perform basic audio editing and effects with very easy to use interface. Just load an

Normalize & adjust mp3 audio volume, MP3Gain

Errr... at voluming going up and down while listening to mp3 songs? Free portable tool "MP3Gain" can fix this part of Mp3 songs for stable volume throughout audio playback. Besides peak normalization, it does statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human

Create Youtube Videos with own photos & music audio

Do you want to create cool Youtube video featuring own pics / photos with favorite audio soundtrack? uMusic is a dead simple application to achieve this complex looking task in few simple clicks. You can add multiple photo slideshow to a video along with any mp3 music file playing in the

View & Edit Mp3 files [Information editor]

Are you looking for an easy way to edit information details of mp3 files on your computer? Moo0 Mp3Info Editor makes viewing and editing of mp3 file information easy and super quick. It is a free application to edit mp3 file details including: title, artist, album, year, tracks, genre and

Music composition & notation, free software MuseScore

Are you looking for easy to use music composition application? MuseScore should fit the bill with its WYSIWYG capabilities and no frills user interface. It is a free application for music composition and notations, ideal for music composers and geeks into music making. It has number of

Merge & join multiple mp3 audio files into single mp3 file

Are you looking for dead simple way to merge multiple mp3 audio files? There are number of free and paid software to cut, edit and merge mp3 files. However, most of these software leave user confused and going through tutorials in performing simple task of editing audio files. Well,