Change bitrate to reduce mp3 file size & save space

Making collection of lots of mp3 files is addiction for many of us. We always wished to squeeze more mp3 files in same amount of available hard drive space. This is possible by changing bitrate of mp3 files which results in reduction of mp3 file size without too much effect of mp3 file

Generate & download random ringtones at Wolfram

We have already seen Wolfram helping out solve complex maths integration problems. Wolfram is also doing music based on calculations resulting in cool sounding ringtones. You can togggle to listen random ringtones and download them as mini via email or get them delivered to your mobile

Find and remove similar duplicate Mp3 music files

Do you have lot of mp3 files hogging hard drive space big time? We tend to dump lot of similar files spread across different folders and drives - downloaded at different times of using computer. Similarity is a small (and free) application that can quickly search and help remove similar /

Cut Mp3 songs to make ringtones, cutter software

MP3 Cutter Plus is a free and very simple utility to cut any mp3 song in your collection. It is ideal to cut N snip any Mp3 song and use it as your ringtone. You can also use it to build collection of music pieces from downloaded songs. To get started, open any Mp3 song in this

Cannot hear music audio on Youtube video ?

Many users surfing Youtube videos might be looking for answer to this questions - Why cant I hear music audio on this Youtube music video? Well, this is new Youtube's quiet way to address copyright issue for content being uploaded on Youtube. Say you created a fan video containing few

How to add different music / audio to Youtube Videos?

Do you want to add different music or audio to your uploaded Youtube videos? Well, this is possible with few mouse clicks using new web tool feature 'audioswap', that allows you to swap original video audio with other audio or music track. Through audioswap you can access huge