Quick MMS to auto send Photos to MySpace, Hi5, Flickr


We love to register and use accounts at different social networking websites. Updating all of them can be real time guzzler and we often tend to ignore few social websites. If you love uploading images and use Myspace, Hi5 and Flickr – then, MMSFace is one hell of service for you.

It is a free web service that allows you to upload images to Myspace, Hi5 and Flickr by sending a quick MMS. You can also send a regular email with the photos attached if you have a mobile data plan and don’t want to use MMS.

To upload your pictures to your favorite photo sharing website, just send a MMS or email to hi5@mmsface.com, myspace@mmsface.com or flickr@mmsface.com depending on your photo sharing service.

To get started, create a free account. During account creation enter you mobile number and register for a unique MMS address. For this, send MMS with subject R990 to reg@mmsface.com for the process.

Then go to your account and enter login details for your accounts at Myspace, Hi5 and Flickr. After that send MMS or email from mobile and let MMSFace upload your pics – neat and saves time!


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