How to setup & use Ping in iTunes 10

iTunes 10 software update brings lot of new features including new Ping' service. It is a social networking service to interact with people and artists with similar liking for music. After you have setup ping account you can follow other people, celebrities, artists to discover new music,

Add ‘Follow Me on Digg’ buttons to blog

New versions of Digg is more social with better connectivity to other social websites. You can auto publish your blog content on Digg profile and promote Digg profile on your blog using 'Follow Me on Digg' buttons. Other Digg users can follow your Digg profile (just like Twitter) and get

Change Digg profile username URL

Digg has been very popular social bookmarking website which has been relaunched with new interface and features. Newer Digg is more simpler and provide better connectivity with other social networking websites. If you are an old Digg user and now wants to actively use Digg with same

Post updates to multiple social sites from Hello.txt

Each of us has number of user accounts at different social websites. Updating and managing each of them can take lot of time and effort. Just like web service - Hellotxt allows you to keep status updated on multiple social websites. It supports number of popular social networking

Publish any RSS Feed on Twitter, or

RSS Feed is a handy concept to share lots of information in least amount of time. PingVine web service leverages the concept of RSS and allows you to publish updates of any RSS Feed. Using this, you can post updates from any RSS feed to your accounts at Twitter, and To

‘Power’ dot com for all socializing needs at one place

Power is a new startup that is creating lot of buzz these days. It wants to be one stop for all your socializing needs irrespective of social websites you use. How? Well, it neatly integrates access to number of popular social websites from one place. You can simultaneously login into

Quick MMS to auto send Photos to MySpace, Hi5, Flickr

We love to register and use accounts at different social networking websites. Updating all of them can be real time guzzler and we often tend to ignore few social websites. If you love uploading images and use Myspace, Hi5 and Flickr - then, MMSFace is one hell of service for you. It

Did someone STOP following you on Twitter? Findout !

Who you Follow that does NOT Follow you - after you have checked this interesting info, here is another cool web service that dishes out more interesting Twitter users info. Qwitter is all about catching Twitter quitters. In

‘Who you Follow that does NOT Follow you’ on Twitter

This is all about Twitter users you are following and users following you back. You could be following lot of users on Twitter. However, the number of Twitter users following you back may not be same (or is very less). Interested in checking out Twitter users your are following that is

Facebook hosts more Photos than Flickr & Photobucket

Facebook is a social networking community website and not a photo sharing website. Still, it hosts more photos than popular photo hosting websites like Flickr and Photobucket. Facebook now hosts over 10 Billion photos, as announced by Doug on Facebook. This figure is way too high as

Update all your Social Networks in a Snap

You have joined Twiiter, delicious, h15, Myspace and list goes on. Updating all or even few of them can be real pain. aims to eliminate that pain and make the whole process easy. It allows you to update all your social networks