Publish any RSS Feed on Twitter, or


RSS Feed is a handy concept to share lots of information in least amount of time. PingVine web service leverages the concept of RSS and allows you to publish updates of any RSS Feed. Using this, you can post updates from any RSS feed to your accounts at Twitter, and

To get started, enter login details for Twitter / ( or application key). Then enter any RSS feed URL and select the frequency of updates. You can select frequency for updates among seconds, minutes hours and days.

From here on, PingVine will post latest RSS updates of specified feed on your Twitter or or accounts. Cool automated way to keep your Twitter account alive and kicking (use discretion while sharing login details).



  1. Why is pingvine down? Does anyone know a replacement service like this?

    • I’m using SocialOomph It is perfect for Twitter and especially if you have multiple accounts. You can sign up for a free account, then try the upgraded account for free. But it’s worth it to upgrade this, I did and It’s working day and night for me automatically while I sleep on all three of my Twitter accounts.

      Good Luck!

      PS. There are others out there similar to this but this is still my favorite and the only one I use now. However if this doesn’t suit you then I suggest looking through the site for more. They have a nice newsletter posting updates on new and cool twitter apps. and there’s always new things being added.

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