How to auto update Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome introduced extensions allowing users to add more functionality by installing different Chrome extension like to see latest cricket scores, check webpage page rank and much more. If you happen to install lot of Chrome extensions, make sure you update those extensions using

Find program updates with Filehippo’s Update Checker

It is important to keep application programs updated on Windows PC for secure and better performance. New versions of different application programs are released from time to time with new features and bug fixes. It can be time consuming routine to check for updates of each program

Get Twitter user updates via SMS on Mobile

Do you want to updates of your favorite Twitter user on mobile phone? Using mobile apps to follow Twitter activity can be heavy loaded routine for majority of mobile users. Making things simple and quick - just send a SMS to get updates from any Twitter user instantly in your

Enable Google Alerts to automate searches

Stressed out searching a particular term in Google search each and everytime you require an information about it? Let Google does this work by keeping you up-to-date with the updates for specific keyword searches that you go through frequently. This can be easily setup using Google Alerts

How to check internet explorer for updates

Internet Explorer is default web browser for majority of Windows users. It is one stop interface to access favorite website, emails and much more. Besides checking on the current version of Internet Explorer you can also check for latest updates for Internet Explorer installed on your

Get Facebook, Twitter updates in Gmail inbox

Are you driven away by the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and cannot stay away from account updates even for a while? So lets collaborate them all into one big platform Gmail, which now paves way to integrate such websites into one place. Now surf Facebook and Twitter

How to update Nokia mobile phone Software

Nokia phones are used by lot of people around the world and requires no introduction. Ideally, users go to Nokia Customer Care center to update software of their Nokia phone.  You can update Nokia phone software at the comfort of your home performing few simple steps as explained

How to update Google Chrome to new version

Google Chrome is a popular web browser software for accessing internet. Its speed, simplicity and security helped it become first choice of many web users among other worthy competitors like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome team actively adds new features

Disable Adobe automatic update download window

Majority of computer users install Adobe Acrobat Reader software on their PC to add support for opening PDF files. This single Adobe software can result in irritating pop-up reminders and automatic download window emerging after every few days. Do you want to get rid of this update window

Update Facebook account by SMS from mobile phone

Updating Facebook account is getting easier by the day. We have already seen, how to send photo and videos updates to Facebook via email. You can also update Facebook account by sending an SMS from your mobile phone. For this, you need to register your mobile phone number for respective

Show online activity updates on Yahoo Messenger

Just added a new story to Yahoo Buzz, watched a Youtube video, commented on MyBlogLog - do you want your Yahoo Messenger friends to know about your online activities automatically? If yes, then turn ON updates features on your Yahoo profile to show your updates in a small window when you

CNN breaking news on Twitter, follow CNNbrk

Twitter bug has bitten everyone from individuals to big media companies. Now you can follow latest CNN breaking news by following their official Twitter account. Previously, there was no confirmed word if CNNbrk Twitter account was held by CNN or some other entity / person. Related -