What is RSS? Really, Simple and Sexy Or… ?


RSS can be terrifying concept for some while for others it can be a way to make Techno Life easy. You must be familiar with yellow, orange, red colorful boxes on almost every blog  and few big websites screaming RSS.

So, what the hell is RSS? It stands for Really Simple Syndication. Mind you, it can be “Really Simple & Sexy” if you know about it and use it correctly. If you have been reading loads of blogs and still don’t know about RSS then YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

If you want to get into crowd that use RSS to access web content in more easy and sexy way then continue reading… RSS is basically a file or document (also called Feed) containing either a summaryor the full content from a website.

Summary or full? Well, this depends on the option selected by the RSS or blog owner. Some blogger prefer full articles accessibility via RSS while other like to dish out summary.

How to use RSS? Basically two ways to access RSS content – desktop RSS readers and web based RSS readers. You can download free desktop RSS reader like NewsFire (MAC) or feed demon and give a test drive.

However, for a RSS newbie use of web-based alternative like Google Reader is recommended.

  • Click here, login using your Google account.
  • Click add subscription, enter RSS feed URL.

Enter this RSS Feed URL [http://www.tothepc.com/feed/]. You will see 10 latest posts of Techno Life on the right pane. Start your test drive and I am sure you will love it.

Whats the fuss? After you get hang of RSS, I am sure it wont be a fussy or time waster. Also, you may be tempted to join RSS Awareness Day Celebration on May 01 [Thanks DailyBlogTips for RSS inspiration]. After you get little idea about RSS – Bookmark this article – Do little more research and reading – then comeback and continue reading. Following are few resources to extend your RSS experience in positive direction.

RSS can be a difficult cocept to get started with, but things are real easy once you get hold of it. For me it has been one smart and sexy concept and WHAT ABOUT YOU?


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