10 Tools to Combine, Mix, Blend Multiple RSS Feeds


More and more internet users are getting familiar with the concept of RSS feeds and its uses. This has resulted in number of online and offline services to help in better RSS Management. Feedburner and Feeblitz lead the way in basic RSS Management services. Sometimes you may want to do more than just reading contents of a RSS feed. While there are tools to filter RSS feed content, tools to mix, blend and Mash-up multiple RSS feeds are more important. They help you grab multiple RSS feeds and create a single customized master RSS feed. Here are 10 online tools and scripts you can use for combining multiple RSS feeds.

Online Tools for combining multiple RSS feeds

1. ChimpFeedr is very simple no strings attached service for mashing up multiple RSS Feed. To get started paste URLs of multiple RSS feeds using “Add Feed” button. Check or uncheck “Resize Images” option and click the “Chomp Chomp” button.


You should see URL of generated master RSS feed containing contents of all specified RSS feeds. This tool comes from MailChimp email marketing service. Originally made available for creating master RSS feed for your RSS-to-email campaigns through MailChimp service but you can use it for other purposes also.

2. Yahoo Pipes Problem with online feed blenders is – they come and go. Yahoo Pipes is most stable option for simple reason, it is from YAHOO! It can be bit confusing for a newbie, however once you get hold of things – it works like charm. It allows you to combine many feeds into one, then sort, filter and translate it.


There are number of enhancement features like using power widgets and badges on your website. Once you have created Pipe (a mash-up of multiple feeds), you can the output of in various formats like RSS, JSON, KML and more. You can also browse Pipes created by other users. This tools require Yahoo (Mail) account login for usage.

3. RSS Mix Mix any number of RSS feeds into one unique new feed. RSS Mix website provide an easy web based interface for RSS mixing. To create a new RSS Mix, copy and paste the URLs of the existing source feeds into the box below and hit Create button.

4. Feed Killer – It is another simple online tool for combining multiple RSS feeds into one single RSS feed. Besides adding multiple RSS feed URLs, you can select number of stories from specific feeds that should feature in your final master feed.

5. Feed Roll It features simple online Feed Combiner tool allowing you to package different RSS Feed (upto 5) from various websites or sources. You can select number of elements that should be displayed from specific feed in the final RSS feed.

6. Feed Stitch As the name suggests, this online service helps you stitch multiple RSS feeds from various sources into one single powerful master feed. It supports HTML, RSS, JSON allowing you easy publishing of generated feed contents.

Scripts for creating own RSS feed combiner & masher

7. Feed Combine It was popular service to quickly combine RSS Feeds but now is only available in back-end script format. Due to excessive wrong usage, front end of the service is closed now. However, users can download the open source script and install it on their own server for custom usage.

8. RSSMeshThe rssMesh.php script allows you to produce an RSS feed by taking the latest items from multiple feeds. The RSSmesh configuration is controlled by a configuration file for each feed to be produced. You need to have technical know-how of working with scripts for using this method of combining multiple RSS feeds.

9. MagpieRSS It is a popular PHP library for parsing RSS feeds. It is an XML-based (expat) RSS parser in PHP that is compatible with RSS 0.9 through RSS 1.0 (also parses RSS 1.0’s modules, RSS 2.0, and Atom).

10. Simple Pie It is a free open source code library written in PHP for easy management. It is an easy to use API that handles everything when it comes to fetching, caching, parsing, normalizing data structures between RSS and Atom formats.

Popular RSS combiners Not Available now

11. RSS Mixer – [Not available, rssmixer.com] Just enter the multiple RSS feed URLs and title for the resultant feed and click on Mix it button. You will get RSS feed mixed up of all the individual RSS feeds. You can use resultant RSS feed in number of formats like: Apple Dashboard Widget, Web Widget to embed in a webpage, an iPhone formatted version of your mix etc.

12. FeedBlendr[Services is closed now] Very easy to use online service for blending or combining of multiple feed. Enter the URLs of feeds that you want to combine and Click on Blend Your Feed button. No Registration or download is required to blend feeds. You get output in the form of: RSS/Atom output, HTML link, (.m) link, OPML output and Javascript code.

13. FeedTwister – [Not available, FeedTwister.com] It allows you to mix your favorite feeds and show their latest posts on your website.Create as many lists of feeds as you want and add up to 50 feeds per list. You can also assign an image to each feed and order posts by date or title. Limit the posts shown and establish a posts per source maximum.

14. BlogSieve – [Not available, BlogSieve.com] It is a free web-based tool that creates new feeds by filtering, merging and sorting existing feeds. The BlogSieve engine accepts virtually every (valid) feed format, processed results are then exported into any feed format you choose.

15. BlastFeed – [Not available, BlastFeed.com] It is an on-line service that lets you aggregate, remix and filter RSS feeds. And Blastfeed can immediately notify you of any results of such filtering. Blastfeed will only collect items that match your criteria in each feed. The results will be amalgamated into a single file and sent to you by email, Instant Messaging or as a new RSS feed, when and where you want it.

16. FrankenFeed – [Available but doesn’t work, biggu.com/frankenfeed] It is an open source application written using Ruby on Rails. This application can merge multiple RSS or ATOM feeds (xml) into a single master feed. The idea is to allow a power RSS or ATOM user to manage a single feed for a novice RSS or ATOM user.

Do you know any other RSS combiners, mixers and mashers? Please share with us by adding a comment [Updated in Jan 2013]



  1. Thanks for providing me best solution for my feedburner feed.

  2. For me DAPPER wins every time although lately doesn’t appear to be that reliable. It has a fantastic user interface for a newbie and is a dream to use. open.dapper.net (now owned by YAHOO)

  3. gümü? alyans says

    the best one is yahoo pipes, hands down. ultimate tool for rss’s.

    • Yahoo Pipes won’t combine Twitter Feeds into one feed. Use Chrome addon – RSS Feed Reader – to see Twitter feed address. Then use Rssmix.com or feedcombine.com to make one master feed. This master feed works in dudamobile.com mobile rss reader.

  4. Is there anyway to bring photos over with a combined RSS feed, instead of just text? Thanks

  5. A slight variation… ftp2rss.com is a tool that allows you to create RSS feeds to monitor FTP directories to watch for file updates. This RSS feed can then be consumed in your favourite RSS reader.

  6. I used yahoo pipes but i’ll try this if it is better.

  7. I see many RSS aggregates in here, this will help for my plugin

  8. Thanks, I just gave Yahoo pipes a go. It looks a bit complicated at first, but it was actually quite stright forward in the end. I’ve now compressed my 100+ RSS feeds into a single one, much easier to deal with!

  9. you missed the feedity.com/ site in your list.. this also generate the RSS feeds to websites…

  10. Yahoo pipe is extremely confusing and not user friendly. Have watched the video that makes it so easy but none of my feed url seems to work. I dont think it is very seay to use.

  11. I am starting a city guide and have news paper rss I want the news just to look a little less like theirs. Thanks for the post just what I was looking for.

  12. Thanks, I see a lot of the links are broken. Guess you were right, a lot of them do go out of business. But that Yahoo Pipes is still going strong and looks really good. I just tested it and combined 2 rss feeds – and it really wasnt that hard.

  13. I have been using Yahoo Pipes, but it will not accept my Youtube RSS feed no matter what I do! I am going try one of the other RSS aggregates shown on this page – So thanks!

  14. I did something similar recently, but ended up writing the class myself. It does a lot of the same stuff as SimplePie, but also sorts by pubDate.

    If anyone is interested in seeing what I did, I blogged about it here:

  15. There’s a new one: feederator.org. All you need is a valid google account (since it is running on Google app engine). It allows you to moderate feeds by mixing, merging, filtering and selecting items from various feeds. Ah, and the best: it’s for free as well.

  16. Great source of getting mix of feed for blogs. I think we can make mix and can call in word press to get latest news from many sources at one place

  17. appreciate the consolidation on the services. i was looking for a free combiner, unfortunately rssmixer and feedblendr is no longer in service. anyway, if you know of any free combiner, appreciate if you could share again. thanks.

  18. It looks like you didn’t listed rssmix. It is maybe even the best tool ever for merging rss feeds. I use it whenever i need to merge some feeds.

    For creating rss feeds from multiple pages the best tool is html2rss

  19. very good tools. i like the yahoo pipes, seems very easy to use.
    thank you for your useful post :)

  20. thats great. i will test some of them.

  21. Thanks for the list. I have been looking for RSS mixer for sometime…Thanks again

  22. Very informative post, Keep good job doing.

  23. CascadeHush says

    Yes, yahoo pipes is great when it’s finally working, and has been reliable for me for months, but creating a new pipe and getting it working is always a hassle, especially when you just want something simple.

    If you edit an existing pipe it takes ages for the feed changes to trickle through, so much so that I always clone a pipe if I want to make changes, it’s the only way to make sure the changes stick properly (though it’s possible I suppose that the problem is the app on my end, not pipes).

  24. wow it is good because this mixing help a person for communication and we can communication

  25. I find Yahoo Pipes a bit of a challenge for me as I am not a techie. RSSMix and similar software easier to use and hence to acheive better results.

  26. Is there a feed composer for audio and video podcasts? Yahoo pipes fails to recognize podcasts. Many other online services don’t advertise podcast support. I assume they don’t. Any ideas?

  27. Guy Kawasaki says

    Nice list of ways to combine feeds. To find feeds to combine, you can use Alltop: alltop.com/all though that’s not our preferred use of the site. :-)

    We cover 700 topics with 40,000 feeds at this point.

  28. Makarand Yadav says

    Thanks for consolidating the list of such services. I noticed most of them are not in action, however I like Yahoo Pipes, it gives a great UI to prepare the feeds and provides so many options to generate desired output.

    Makarand Yadav

  29. RSS2MYSQL should be included!

  30. I don’t quite get that hype about Yahoo! Pipes. Sure, it has nice features, but way too often, I find that it just doesn’t work… So, no, I certainly would say that Y!P is the way to NOT go.

    BTW: Does anyone know of a more workable, usable alternative to Yahoo! Pipes?

    BTW2: While we’re at not working: RSSMix.com is also not so good… :( Created a “mix”, containing, among other feeds, search.twitter.com/search.atom?q=alexs77 and RSSMix wrongly sets the link attribute of entries from this feed to the URL of the first icon/image… :((

  31. Huh? No mention of Planet Planet?

    Completely open-source, easy to customize, and there’s no third party service involved!

  32. Yahoo! Pipes is the way to go.

  33. Anybody mentioned Feed Salon ?


    Works very well for me…

  34. I just want to add composite-rss.com to the otherwise nice list. This is a free webbased RSS service that lets users search multiple feeds for multiple keywords. It then creates one composite RSS feed from the results.


  35. As you said: “…Problem with these online feed blenders is – they come and go…”. And you have to manually establish the combination configuration, etc.

    So why not combine on the client site? Just use JetBrains “Omea Reader” (jetbrains.com/omea/reader/) which enables hierarchical structuring of feeds in folders. If you click on a folder instead of a single feed, you get a combined listing of all feeds contained in that folder. It even goes recursively into subfolders according to the level of combination you want to apply.

    That’s it!

  36. You may want take another look at RSS Mixer. The alpha version is now available and is vastly improved from the prototype.

  37. Great list, but why “Save the best till last”? – stick it at the top. Going to Yahoo Pipes first would have saved me loads of time.

  38. You can also make use of Google Reader to create and publish a combined feed. The procedure to create such a feed is a little arcane. I’ve managed to create one for my blogs, but I’m not sure if I could repeat the trick.  Once created, you have options to view public page, email a link, add a clip to your site and add a blogroll to your site. And it’s run by Google, so it’s pretty robust and you can expect it to still be around for a long time to come.

    Apart from the setup, my only whinge was the long URLs it creates for you public pages and feeds.

  39. Thanks for the list of rss feeds.

    Feedblendr is off the web.

    you might want to add http://feed.informer.com to your list.


  40. Well, I couldn’t stand not to read my service name among these great services, so here I am :)

    Even though I don’t consider Feedoor.com as a feed mixing tool only, still feed mixing is on of it’s best features :)

    Hope you will like Feedoor


  41. Thanks for the Yahoo! pipes tip! It is indeed not the most simple tool around, but yet a very powerful one!

  42. Once you’ve combined a bunch of feeds, you might want to filter them to cut down the volume and automatically remove posts you don’t care about. I couldn’t find a good tool to do this, so I rolled my own. You can find it at http://www.rssninja.com if you want to give it a go.

  43. Alan Parker says

    Cool tools! You might also want to checkout Feedity – http://feedity.com – a sleek tool to create custom RSS feeds from virtually any webpage. I use it often so thought I’d share. Chao :)

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