Create & share collection of RSS feeds in Google Reader

Now you can create bundle or collection of your favorite RSS feeds in Google Reader. These bundles or collection of RSS feed can be shared with fellow Google Reader users. You can also display these RSS bundles on your website or blog and allows users to subscribe to contents of RSS

Create RSS Feed based on your Delicious Tastes

This is something interesting for Delicious addicts. Snackupon is a cool Yahoo Pipes mashup that generates RSS feed with stuff related to your delicious bookmarked content. To get started just enter your 'delicious_username' and click on 'Run Pipe' button. In few seconds (or minutes,

Combine Multiple RSS Feeds into One Jumbra Feed URL

As explained before, RSS is a wonderful concept to gulp loads of information in least amount of time. However, with each web service with its own RSS feed - managing multiple RSS feeds sometimes can be difficult. One alternative to get over RSS stress is to merge your RSS feeds into

10 Tools to Combine, Mix, Blend Multiple RSS Feeds

More and more internet users are getting familiar with the concept of RSS feeds and its uses. This has resulted in number of online and offline services to help in better RSS Management. Feedburner and Feeblitz lead the way in basic RSS Management services. Sometimes you may want to do