Combine Multiple RSS Feeds into One Jumbra Feed URL


As explained before, RSS is a wonderful concept to gulp loads of information in least amount of time. However, with each web service with its own RSS feed – managing multiple RSS feeds sometimes can be difficult.

One alternative to get over RSS stress is to merge your RSS feeds into single RSS feed and share it with everyone. Just enter RSS Feed URLs and click on ‘combine my feeds’ button.

Your resultant super RSS feed will be in the form of After you sign up for a free account, you can add or remove more RSS feeds and keep your super RSS feed updated automatically.

Checkout Jumbra to merge multiple RSS feeds into one super RSS feed for easy sharing. Bonus – 10 Tools to Combine, Mix, Blend Multiple RSS Feeds



  1. Does not work, 2 August 2011

    Dies when trying to generate combined RSS feeds.


  2. This website does not do what it states and is incredibly suspicious.
    My firewall reported an unauthorized attempt to access my hard-drive.

    Probably a scam site. Avoid at all costs.

  3. Does this service still work? I added a few feeds, logged in (via my Google account), and when I subscribed to the newly-created feed — nothing showed up. The site’s still there… but my feeds weren’t displaying any results.

  4. Combine multiple feeds into one and randomize feed output

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