Problem with Vista? Check at Microsoft Vista Answers


Unlike other Window based operating systems, Windows Vista got its share of bigger problems. Be it Vista Speed Record of 131yrs to Copy 168MB Pics or Microsoft’s efforts to provide support for installing Vista SP1.

Here is another Microsoft’s endeavour to help Windows Vista users. On the lines of Yahoo Answers, checkout Microsoft Windows Vista Answers. As the name suggest, its about questions and possible answers for issues with Windows Vista. You can browser for specific issue or use search box. Sidebar list common Vista issues like:

  • Differences Between 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Problem Upgrading From Windows XP to Windows Vista
  • Unable to send picture attachments in email
  • Vista Windows Explorer display of Entire Network computers

You can also ask for solution to specific issue with Windows Vista. Just select the category for your issue among: drivers, security, gaming, performance, wireless etc – shoot your question and get answer (hopefully). Checkout or bookmark Microsoft Vista Answers (just in case!).



  1. A few days ago I decided to add a password to get to the internet on my computer. This was done to prevent my teenager from getting to nude sites. I now can no longer remember that password and as a result can’t get out to the internet. I’m using MS Vista and like some of the controls but I can’t figure out a way to reset this or turn it off. I just keep getting prompted no matter where I go. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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