View & Edit OEM Information of Vista computer

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer - if you bought a DELL computer, your OEM is DELL. VistaOEM is small utility that allows you to view and edit OEM information on Windows Vista computer. OEM Information is displayed in the Control Panel in the System-Information window. You

Problem with Vista? Check at Microsoft Vista Answers

Unlike other Window based operating systems, Windows Vista got its share of bigger problems. Be it Vista Speed Record of 131yrs to Copy 168MB Pics or Microsoft's efforts to provide support for installing Vista SP1. Here is another Microsoft's endeavour to help

Internet Explorer IE icon missing in Vista, how to restore?

Did you accidentally delete Internet Explorer icon from the desktop? Well, you can easily restore it. In windows XP, right click on desktop screen and click on properties. Then click on 'desktop' tab in the new screen and click on 'customize desktop' button. Then tick 'Internet

Basic Vista Commands a click away from Vista sidebar

Vista Commands is a Windows Vista sidebar gadget that allows quick access to basic commands and functions. For example, you can access 'msconfig' in single click from Vista sidebar using this Vista sidebar gadget 'Vista Commands'. It supports number of commands including: msconfig, Snap

Portable Windows Vista Tweak utility with 130 tweaks

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a portable Windows Tweak utility ideal to tweak and optimize Windows Vista system. It is a small utility of size 370kb loaded with over 130 tweaks. It gives access to loads of hidden Windows Vista features that can be tweaked with simple mouse clicks. This

Test Drive Windows Vista SP1 Online in your Browser

Windows Vista service pack 1 was released a while ago but Microsoft recently opened its online test drive. Now you can test drive Windows Vista SP1 within

Tweak & Pimp Windows with Damn cool Pitaschio

Windows is very good, you can make it better with free tweak master 'Pitaschio'. Do you want to disable and silent that annoying caps lock key? Want to make boring Window icons look small for a cleaner desktop? Here is more... want to do more with your mouse and be in full control of

Instant Text To Speech from Vista Sidebar with Say It!

We have already seen loads of web based services for instant 'Text to Speech' conversion. How about same functionality in your Vista Sidebar for even quicker access and conversion? Say It! is a Vista gadget that allows you to perform 'Text to Speech' conversion from Vista Sidebar. Just

Download Microsoft Guide for Vista Performance Tuning

Microsoft has released guide for Windows Vista Performance and Tuning. Guide focuses on performance improvements that can be made to a system running Windows Vista. This guide looks at the following areas of performance improvement: Making configuration changes that help a computer

How to Change Vista Clock Display from 24hr to 12hr?

Time is displayed in two formats - 24hrs and 12hrs. For example after 12:59, either 13:00 (24hrs format) or 1:00 (12hrs format) is displayed. If you are using default settings for the United States, system will have 12-hour clock settings and for other countries/regions use 24-hour