Internet Explorer IE icon missing in Vista, how to restore?


Did you accidentally delete Internet Explorer icon from the desktop? Well, you can easily restore it. In windows XP, right click on desktop screen and click on properties. Then click on ‘desktop’ tab in the new screen and click on ‘customize desktop’ button.

Then tick ‘Internet Explorer’ option and click on OK. IE icon should be back on your desktop. However, same procedure will not bring IE icon on the desktop in Windows Vista.

In Windows Vista you can restore IE icon on the desktop by installing small patch from Microsoft website. Click here to access download page, scroll down and click on ‘fix it’ button, then click on run button on the pop-up window. Reboot / restart you Vista computer and your IE icon will be back on the desktop.

This is most easy and safe way to restore IE icon on the desktop. There are other methods that involve registry changes. You can use them if you know about registry. Why use such method when there is more simple method of installing a patch? [Thanks Aseem Jha]


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