How to increase font size in IE when ‘Text Size’ Fails?


Every webpage has different formatting in terms of fonts, colors and much more. Viewing a HTML page with small font size can really hurt your eyes.

IE does have ‘Text Size’ feature to increase font size on any webpage. On top menu of IE, go to ‘View’, point to ‘Text Size’ and select text size¬†among “Largest, larger, medium, smaller, smallest”. However, this ‘Text Size’ feature does not work on number of web elements and you are stuck with small size text in IE.

Easy Read is possible alternative that comes to rescue when IE’s ‘Text Size’ feature fails.It is a small utility that adds ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to the toolbar to increase or decrease webpage text size. With this you can easily Zoom in and out on any webpage at the touch of a button. It even works with pages in frames.

It also allows you to print HTML pages in magnified form. Download Easy Read to ease out in dealing with small size text in IE. It is simple to use and Free!


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