Watch WebM videos in Internet Explorer 9

Do you want to play and watch WebM format videos in Internet Explorer 9 browser? For starters, WebM is an open source video format for sharing high quality videos on the internet. Using a free plugin you can add support for WebM video playback to Internet Explorer 9 browser on your Windows

Add Google Search to Internet Explorer

If you have installed new version of Internet Explorer or Windows operating system, Bing Search will be default search provider in Internet Explorer. It means, all search queries within IE will show results from Bing search. If you prefer good old Google Search, you can easily add and set

Disable Google Analytics script & prevent data tracking

Google Analytics ( is a popular service from Google to tracking visitor activity on a website. Number of blogs and websites use Google Analytics code to capture and record details of users visiting websites. Till now, end user surfing websites that contain Google

Start Internet Explorer browser without addons

Internet Explorer (IE) addons help enhance and provide additional functionality to the browser. However, with each addon behaving differently - they sometime cause problems like IE8 slowing down and others. To isolate on the issue with Internet Explorer and check on problems as a result of

Use Google Docs in Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame

Google Docs introduced lot of new features including all new drawing tool. However, majority of new features may not work on Internet Explorer browser (even in latest IE 8.0 version). You can easily add Google Docs usage support to Internet Explorer web browser by installing Google Chrome

How to Disable Addons in Firefox & Internet Explorer

Addons (also called plugins, extension) adds more functionality to your browser & simplify tasks. Addons are available to add different type of features to your browser. More addons in a browser can make it slow and few addon may post security risk. In such case, you can always disable

Split Internet Explorer into 2 windows [IE addon]

Splitting screen can increase productivity allowing you to view more content in same screen area. We have already seen WinSplit Revolution to split desktop screen into multiple areas. Also, a cool bookmarklet to split browser window into 2 parts. If you are an active Internet Explorer

Smart ways to Print selective parts of webpages [save ink, paper]

If you print lot of webpages on reguarly basis, then small adjustment in printing routine can save lot of paper and print ink. Ideally, a user does not need all webpage elements in hard copy format like advertisements, header, logos etc. Hence, instead of printing whole webpage you can

Open, Edit & Save documents online using IE/Firefox plugin

If you deal with lot of documents and files online, then Open IT online plugin can make your techno life real easy. It is an addon for Firefox, Flock, Internet Explorer that allows to open, edit & save documents from anywhere. It can open different file types online without any need to

Make Internet Explorer 8 faster, check addons load time

Internet Explorer 8 comes with all hog of features and enhancements. IE Addons menu has new look with different arrangement  of options. Is your all new Internet Explorer slowing down? If yes then you can find possible answer by checking addons installed for IE8 on your

Clicking PDF file links on webpages crashes web browser!

Just clicked a PDF file link on a webpage opened in web browser. The next moment browser freezes and crashes in attempts to open PDF file link on a webpage. Have you been through this before? Well, you can easily avoid such browser crash by using PDFdownload addon for your web browser like

Antivirus for Gmail, Google, Twitter, URL Scanning

We tend to share lot of URLs on different social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and so on. We also share links to different websites by exchanging email. Not all weblink we share are safe! Few links can wreck havoc on the computer, if it is not adequately protected by an