Antivirus for Gmail, Google, Twitter, URL Scanning


We tend to share lot of URLs on different social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and so on. We also share links to different websites by exchanging email. Not all weblink we share are safe! Few links can wreck havoc on the computer, if it is not adequately protected by an updated security software application.


“… prevention is better than cure”, we can apply this while visiting different links using URL scanning application software. Finjan Vital security assign safety rating to each link being displayed in Internet Explorer or Firefox. It allows you to virtually secure your internet browsing experience by scanning links on current webpage in real time .

It detects malicious content based on code analysis, rather than using signatures like anti-virus products. In a popup window, it shows the link status as safe or suspicious for threats. Grab Finjan Vital security addon for Internet Explorer or Firefox for safe web browsing and protection all the time. Alternatively, you can checkout Free AVG link scanner – it is a similar and very useful real time link scanning application.


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