Check valid hyperlinks, anchor tags of website

A single webpage of a blog or website can contain lot of links. Checking each and every link manually is a big task. Small utility "SiteVerify" makes this process all automated, easy and quick. For any specified URL, it checks all the hyperlinks / achor tags on a webpage. It only check

Antivirus for Gmail, Google, Twitter, URL Scanning

We tend to share lot of URLs on different social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and so on. We also share links to different websites by exchanging email. Not all weblink we share are safe! Few links can wreck havoc on the computer, if it is not adequately protected by an

AVG free linkScanner software, safe web browsing

AVG is known for its quality products that offer protection against virus, spyware and other malicious stuff. Traditionally, LinkScanner software comes bundled with AVG Anti-virus Suite. AVG is now offering free standalone link scanner software for Window users using different