Explore new similar websites content in IE / Firefox

If you love surfing internet for specific type of content, then SimilarWeb should find favor with you. It allows you to discover and surf similar websites. For example: if you are surfing a sports website, it will neatly show websites with similar web content of left sidebar within

7 ways to access WolframAlpha knowledge search

WolframAlpha made quiet a buzz at the time of launch. While the buzz has faded, WolframAlpha is still an interesting and different search engine for those intellectual knowledge based queries. If you are too addicted to WolframAlpha knowledge search, get easy with accessing this search

Download Internet Explorer 8 Language pack [Vista]

Now you can use Internet Explorer8 in number of different language on your Windows Vista computer. Microsoft has just added 18 additional languages to the list of supported languages. You can install specific Internet Explorer8 Language Pack and view the user interface (UI) of Internet

Tweet text on webpages quickly [IE / FF Twitter plugin]

Twitter is an addiction and we are often looking for ways to tweet more quickly. Cloudberry has released two plugins each for Internet Explorer and Firefox that should put tweeting in high speed gear. With plugin installed, select any text on any website. Click on tweet button on the

IE8 web Live slices for Gmail, Twitter, Flickr & news

Interned Explorer 8 launched with lot of new features including web slices and accelerators. We have already seen web slices for top websites to access their content with super ease within IE8. LiveSlices makes this process more easy for top social and informational websites. It shows

Get IE8 & spice up with Web Slices & Accelerators

Internet Explorer version 8 (final release) should be available in few hours from now [9:30 PM India time - 4GMT]. We have already seen features of Internet Explorer 8 as it progressed through various RC versions. IE8 is a buzz for Accelerators, Visual Search and Web

How to delete Unwanted Images on Webpages in IE7 ?

"... You are trying to read a website, but you can barely concentrate because the page is full of unneeded images. Simply right-click the page and choose "Delete Images" to zap non-text page elements." Isn't that cool? You can easily bring this function

Email Selected Text in Internet Explorer with SnipIT

SnipIT is one handy add-on for Internet Explorer that makes sending email very quick and ease. Just select text on any webpage opened in Internet Explorer, right click and send it via email on the fly. This free add-on supports number of email

Manage your Downloads in IE7 with LeechGet

If internet connection snaps while a file is being downloaded within Internet Explorer, what do you do? Well, you start the download again with loads of frustration. Internet Explorer 7 users can now ease out and relax by using cool download manager 'LeechGet'. It has Microsoft Outlook

Add Wikipedia Search in Internet Explorer with Qpedia

Addon for Internet Explorer? Well, these may not be popular but they are few cool IE add-ons worth a try. We have already seen 10 Internet Explorer Add-ons to do more with ease and here is another one 'Qpedia'. Qpedia is an Add-on for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 that adds Wikipedia search

How to increase font size in IE when ‘Text Size’ Fails?

Every webpage has different formatting in terms of fonts, colors and much more. Viewing a HTML page with small font size can really hurt your eyes. IE does have 'Text Size' feature to increase font size on any webpage. On top menu of IE, go to 'View', point to 'Text Size' and select