Manage your Downloads in IE7 with LeechGet


If internet connection snaps while a file is being downloaded within Internet Explorer, what do you do? Well, you start the download again with loads of frustration.

Internet Explorer 7 users can now ease out and relax by using cool download manager ‘LeechGet’. It has Microsoft Outlook like user interface and allows you to easily start, pause and manage downloads.

It seamlessly integrates into Internet Explorer and enable features like automatic downloading, resuming broken downloads, download times, automatic hang-up, shutdown and much more.

You can also download complete website with all images and scripts on the fly. You can view history of downloaded files sorted by day, week or month. It has speed monitor to shown your current bandwidth usage.

Download LeechGet [link] it is free for personal usage and is available in over 20 languages. Managing downloads made easy in IE with LeechGet, cool!


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