Restore favorites & status bar in IE9


If you have installed Internet Explorer 9, you might be looking for the status bar and favorites bar. Newer IE9 has new look with changes in user interface. It has Star icon at top right to quickly access favorites. You can also access other toolbars and settings using home and tools button at extreme right. Incase this looks uncomfortable, you can restore favorites bar and status bar like in older version of Internet Explorer (7,8).

IE9: Restore & display favorites & status bar

1. Open Internet Explorer 9 browser. Make sure you are using Internet Explorer 9. You can confirm on this by checking version of Internet Explorer installed on the computer.

2. Right click on empty space next to ‘new tab’ button. Then click ‘favorites bar’ option to display favorites toolbar at the top of IE9. Click ‘status bar’ option to display status bar at the bottom of IE9 window.

Using same procedure you can show or hide other toolbars and lock toolbars in new interface of Internet Explorer 9 browser.



  1. For what most people on here are trying to do there is no workaround or fix… that is for the “star” button to be on the left like it was in IE8 instead of the far right. Sure you can put the favorites toolbar, but ITS NOT THE SAME. You can have the menu bar display with a favorites menu item, BUT ITS NOT THE SAME.

    Seems to me MS is trying to make stuff harder to access and find every new product they release, to make “A more beautiful web”, or more beautiful whatever its for. Only problem with that for me and anybody who does work on a PC is more beautiful is not always better. I’d rather it be a little ugly and easy to get to stuff than “beautiful”.

    I’m surprised there is no built in easy way to search your favorites yet, you can search your history directly from the toolbar but not favorites… whats up with that? Sometimes I find it easier to just do another Google search to find something I’m looking for than to try to find it in my favorites… way to go MS, make more money for your competitors.

  2. If you want your favourites to show along the side of the screen again press CTRL + SHIFT + I

  3. When adding a favorite using the favorites bar (star-arrow) icon, it adds the newest item at the end of the list to the right. And that may be off the screen to the right. ie8 used to add the newest item right next to the favorites bar icon. I prefer how the ie8 bar worked. Any way to change it?

  4. A folder under my favorites has disappeared. I did not delete it and I am the only one using this laptop, What could have happened?

  5. if it ain't broke... says

    …then leave it the eff alone. Binarybrainbitboneheads will never learn.

  6. Found exactly how to find my favorites after the upgrade. The star icon in the upper right hand corner. Whew

  7. khankes says

    These suggestions helped me to add the favorite’s bar back to my top screen, I download the new IE9 and it changed so much, hope by getting this bar with the sites my boyfriend goes to to to the most, he won’t flip!! Thanks

  8. Is there any way to add the Favorites menu back to where it used to be, where the “Add to Favorites Bar” button is right now? I’m too used to going there when I want to access my favorites…

  9. Another way to display the Command Bar is:

    Try this;

    In IE9

    Hit the ALT button to activate the menu bar
    Click on the view menu
    On the drop down list select Toolbars and then tick whatever toolbar you want.

  10. The old favorites (star icon) moved to the top right of page.
    You see the icon for Home, Favorites and Tools underneath the red X.

  11. Adonis Don says

    Look for a star icon in between a house and a gear icon near the top right corner of the screen. It should be below the ‘X’ icon.

  12. Graham Whyte says

    Done the above, but Favourites button does not appear only a suggested sites button????

    • I was having same problem after installing IE9. The way to restore favorites drop down menu is to activate the “menu” button rather than the “favorite” button.

      • thanks rex – the menu activation worked for me . now i have favorites bar back like it used to be[smile]

  13. There is no right click there – what are you talking about!?

  14. You must enable the Menu bar and use the file button.

  15. I D\L IE ( and can’t find my old Favorites, Status bar or the drop down menu listed above.

    • Having the same problem. Right-clicking to the right of the “New Tab” button does nothing – no drop down menu appears.

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