3 tools to compare Bing vs Google search results


Bing made debut with bang and has impressed many users. People are game for Bing because of its slick interface and search results (to some extent). Google loyalists are keeping close eye on Bing to see results it shows up for different keywords. If you want to perform current hottest comparison of Bing vs Google, then checkout following tools:


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1. Bing and GoogleEnter you search query and this will load Bing and Google in separate frames showing search results for the same keyword. It has neat implementation and perfect to make those Bing vs Google search result comparisons.

2. Bingle at PwnijIt is exactly similar to above Bingle and Google search. It loads search results for specific keyword in different frames for comparative analysis.

3. BlackDog Google BingIt has little rough implementation, still good enough to make comparison of search results from Bing and Google for same keywords.

Compare Bing and Google search results and decide if you are still a Googler or a newbie Binger!



  1. BING!! I love bing and you will love it too!

  2. There’s a further one, which also display search results from wolfram alpha: http://www.searchengine-compr.com/

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