Microsoft’s Live Search 411 to take on Google’s 411


Microsoft seems to be in over drive to catch up with Google in every application and sevice. Microsoft has now launched its Local Search called ‘Live Search 411’. It will compete will ‘Google411’ Local Search.

US residents can use toll-free access from any phone, by dialling 1-800-225-5411 (1-800-CALL-411). One can use this service to find businesses and restaurants by name, city, neighbourhood and street.

Besides this one call also get details regarding: weather, traffic, movie listings, travel resources, driving directions and lots more. And Yes this service FREE.

So, its Google’s Google411 versus Microsoft’s LiveSearch411. Hmmm.. big plans from both the software giants. Well, didn’t find much difference in 411 service being offered by both the companies, in terms of features on offer.  But YES, the telephone number to call is surely different. Well, if anyone  has used either of the service, please do share feedback!



  1. Love 1-800-CALL-411. Love it, love it, love it. Didn’t know about the Google service or this one until today, but Microsoft’s is the best. I’m telling all of my friends!

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