Will you search & view Facebook photos on Bing

Photo uploading, viewing and sharing is an important activity among Facebook users. For some reason, if you do not like viewing Facebook photos on Facebook website, then here now alternative in the form of Bing website. Now you can view, browse and comment on Facebook photos of your

Bing search homepage with video background

Microsoft did lot of homework in launching Google Search competitor in the form of Bing Search. While Bing has not been in much news for it search results relevance, it did catch attention with daily Bing background wallpaper photos. Few users loved the concept of daily wallpapers and even

Find Panoramic photos online on Google & Bing

Panoramic photos provide wide view of physical space being shot. Practically a panoramic image is a wide image shot covering lot of visual area as against normal rectangular or square photos. Lot of mobile phones and camera come with functionality of clicking panoramic view photos. You can

Disable Bing access to your Facebook information

Bing social search uses Facebook profile information to display more customized search results based on your Facebook activity. You can easily connect Facebook profile with Bing search and enable social search features of Bing. While this is useful for better results incorporating your

Connect Facebook profile with Bing search

Bing search from Microsoft has become more social through Facebook. You can easily enable social search on Bing by connecting your Facebook profile with Bing Search. Social search will display more customized and relevant search results through your Facebook activity details. You can

Compare Travel destinations online on Bing

Internet can come real handy for planning upcoming holiday trip. With so many options, choosing best travel destination can be confusing. You can make such decisions easily and quickly by neat comparison of your favorite travel destination. After once glance at travel destination

Add Bing Maps to Hotmail emails

Hotmail email service now nicely integrates with Bing Maps. It allows you to insert Bing Map of desired location into email message written in Hotmail. This feature is very useful when you are trying to explain about physical location to a person through email message. Bing Maps can be

Use Bing as default search engine in Opera

Google's background image experiment annoyed many users. As a result many wanted to use Bing as default search engine for web searching. If you use Opera web browser for surfing the internet, then you can easily setup and use Bing as default search engine. Newer Opera browser has Bing as

Change default search engine in Safari

Newer Safari browser version provide one more option for searching the web in the form of Bing Search. Now you can choose between Google, Yahoo, Bing search and use either as default search engine in Safari browser. You can toggle and switch between either search provider and use it as

Download Bing Bar, the new Bing Toolbar

Just after the launch of Live search as Bing search laden with loads of features, MSN toolbar was serving the purpose of Bing Toolbar. Now, Microsoft has launch all new Bing toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Just like Bing interface, toolbar is heavy on looks and is much

Download old Bing photos of any date on computer

Do you love daily wallpaper photo at Bing? We have already seen cool tool "Bing Paper" for downloading Bing images and setting them as desktop wallpaper. "Bing on Desktop" is another cool tool that allows automatic download and saving of Latest and Old  Bing images in a specific folder on

Set latest Bing image as desktop wallpaper with BingPaper

Bing search engine from Microsoft made more buzz for its cool daily background wallpapers than for its search functionality. Number of apps and services have cropped up to relish cool daily Bing wallpapers. We have already seen website archiving daily Bing Wallpaper for download anytime.