Download Bing toolbar for IE & Firefox

Microsoft Live search became Bing decision search and now MSN toolbar has become Bing toolbar. You can download this free toolbar to have Bing powered search integrated in Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser. Besides Bing search, it has loads of other features for accessing Microsoft

Insert Youtube videos & Bing Images in Powerpoint 2007 slides

Author Stream desktop provide a super easy way to spice up your Powerpoint slideshows with Youtube videos and images from Bing search. It is a free plugin for Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007 users that allows quick searching and embed of video on Youtube and images on Bing. After the

Download Sydney lightning storm wallpaper that won Bing Photo contest

Bing search engine from Microsoft has daily fresh eye candy wallpaper on its homepage. We have already seen number of tips and resources to grab those cool images from Bing homepage. Bing recently organized contest inviting users to send their photos to appear on Bing homepage. As

Search Twitter & Bing together for latest: BingTweets

Bing has loads of interesting features besides the usual web search feature. While Bing is still finding its feet, Twitter is all over the web with tons of real time information. BingTweets website combines the power of instant information from Twitter with usual web based search results

Quick add Bing photos, videos & content to Hotmail

Microsoft has integrated Bing Search content with Hotmail interface. Now you can add any content searched on Bing to your emails being composed and sent using Hotmail. For example, you are writing email to friend about recently watched movie. You can use this "quick add" feature to insert

Hebrew language translation live on Bing Translate

Bing Translation is a cool service for quick translation of text and webpage from one language to another. It has added Hebrew language in the list of supported languages. Now you can translate to and from Hebrew language online using Bing Translate service. While on Bing Translate,

Add Bing icon to Firefox status bar for quick access

Bing Decision Search from Microsoft is already turning heads. Even Google is standing up and taking close look at bing search. If you have become fan of Bing courtesy its jazzy wallpaper photos and cool features, then add quick access Bing shortcut icon in your Firefox browser. "Go To

How to submit XML sitemap of blog / website to Bing?

Bing is Microsoft new search engine that comes loaded with lot of features. If you run a blog or website, it is important submit XML sitemap of your blog to Bing Search. It will help Bing crawl and index your content easily and send you more traffic as a result of better indexing for

Download Bing API toolkit to customize 404 error pages

Some percentage of website traffic ends up on webpages that do not exist or have been moved resulting into 404 error page. It is important to channelize this traffic, instead of displaying dead end 404 error pages. Microsoft has released Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit. It allows you to

How to block mature / explicit content on bing?

Bing decision search is good and zippy. However, some users are worried about easy access to porn and mature results on Bing search. Video search auto plays mature videos on mouse over, giving free ride to users looking for such content. By default, safe search is ON and you can make sure

Disable document preview for your site results on Bing

Document preview is one cool feature of Bing decision search. On mouse hover over any search result, it pops up window (on the right) showing summary and important links on that specific link on search result page. This features allow users to sample the content of a webpage before

Read Wikipedia articles directly on Bing [enhanced view]

Bing has included Wikipedia content directly into its index. Besides showing relevant Wikipedia article links in search results, you can also read them directly on Bing search results pages. Enhanced view feature display Bing hosted Wikipedia article pages which are exactly same as